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Garmin to android tablet connection

Greg Hughes2023-05-25 18:53:59

I have an Android tablet with a USB-C port, and a Garmin Edge Touring with a mini USB port (no wifi or bluetooth).

I'd like to connect the two with a cable, so that i can plan routes on the tablet and upload them to the Garmin.

What do i need to connect them? I've had so many different suggestions from tech shops, I'd like to know what actually works!

At the moment i have to take the SD card out of the Garmin and put it in the tablet and transfer the file to it. Not great when you're on a campsite or in a cafe!

Thanks for your help!

Dmitrii Pasechnik2023-05-25 20:10:09

I would try using an adaptor from USB-A to USB-C, (a "normal" mini-USB cable has USB-A on the other end). Whether this will really work is another question - one might need to fiddle with the tablet settings, maybe.

Such an adaptor is usually a small piece and costs about £3



2023-05-30 13:56:28

I have successfully connected my tablet to other devices but haven't tried to a Garmin though. 

I used what is called an OTG (as in On The Go) adapter - the internal lead connections are slightly different to an ordinary adapter.

There were some other tweaks to do with the tablet usb port but I can't remember what they were and it was a while ago now and an old version of Android anyway.


Research OTG as its a common facility. 

Greg Hughes2023-06-01 14:08:04

Thank you both.