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Orbit frame OLN

David isherwood2022-07-19 13:03:51


wonder if anyone can advise

i have an orbit tandem that is running a 135 OLN rear hub........all the current orbits seem to be 145 OLN ............is 135 an unusual size for a tandem or at leasst an orbit tandem.?.....might this frame have been closed from 145 to 135 .?

i’m considering changing the hub/wheel arrangement so am investigating the options





Stuart Hunter2022-07-19 14:23:45
137 Rear dropouts are an old tandem standard, quite common 30 years ago. If you're Tandems made of steel it's possible to cold set your rear dropouts to the 145mm more common newer standard.
Lawrence McPhillips2022-07-19 14:23:57

All Orbit tandems I've come across are 145mm OLN.  Our Orbit Velocity 9 model dates back to the early 2000's and is 145mm - maybe earlier models were narrower?

If it is an alloy frame, then it's unlikely to have been closed up by as much as 10mm as I suspect this would have cracked the material - alloy doesn't like being bent.

Might be worth emailing J D Tandems with your serial number and they may be able to advise from their database records.