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Dawea Discovery headrace

Mick Tozer2022-03-07 20:01:06

Hi we've got a lot of play in the head set /stem bearing. I can't identify the make (looks like Zero Edape) are these items standard.... full disclosure. I've never changed a modern headset,last one I did had loads of little ball bearings!!

Thanks. Muck 

Chris Peachey2022-03-07 22:05:54

Headsets are mostly standard. You just need the steerer tube diameter. With the older threaded type I think there can be a difference in the stack height although I have never had to change one. Taking up the slack is a straightforward adjustment. Typically they become "crenelated" where the steering feels like its notched. If you have a modern threadless type it may be that you only need to slacken the stem clamp and push it down. (assuming the bearings are good) and then tighten the top bolt. Remember the spacers must sit proud of the steerer tube to be able to clamp it all.

Fitting a new headset really needs the right tools as some of the components will be a tight fit and can be damaged if they are not pressed down evenly so help from a bike shop may be needed.

Mick Tozer2022-03-07 22:39:41
Ah thanks Chris, so the headset IS adjustable then. I had thought as they are races rather than ball bearings it would need the units replacing..I'll get the stem diameter anyway. Cheers.