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Wanted - 40 hole 700c rim

Mark Hudson 2022-03-04 11:31:41

Hello all,

Does anyone have a 40 hole 700c rim for rim brakes - ideally silver? Something like a Mavic MA2.Would be happy with used if in good condition. 




Sam Eastburn2022-03-04 13:17:53

Hi Mark,

I have one off my tandem it is used but doesn't have much wear.  You are more than welcome to have it if you can make use of it.  Only available because we hit a pot hole and bent the rear beyond repair so had a new pair made up.


Mark Hudson 2022-03-05 18:43:54

Hi Sam,

Sorry, only just seen your reply. That would be great. Thank you very much. Where are you based?


Sam Eastburn2022-03-05 19:26:17
I'm in East Devon near Axminster but I also travel to London monthly.  Don't know if that helps any.
Mark Hudson 2022-03-05 19:48:24
Ah. I'm in Sheffield. So would need posting. I would obviously cover the cost. But I appreciate if that's too much hassle for you.  
Andy Rice2022-03-05 21:27:41

Found this online, not cheap but available:- https://www.tandems.co.uk/m12b0s95p781/ALEX-R475-Deep-section-tandem-rim-700c-40-hole

Hope it helps.


Mark Hudson 2022-03-06 18:49:56

Hi Andy,

Thanks, but this is for an older build. So I'd like to fit something a bit more in keeping with the era - late 70's early 80's.




Pippa and John Hand2022-03-07 09:19:17

Hi Mark,


We have a 1986 Mercian tandem kitted out in L'Eroica compatible stuff, we have also found obtaining Mavic MA2 rims extremely difficult particularly in 40 hole 700C.  MA3 and MA4 appear more frequently.

HubJub (hubjub.co.uk), however, sell two rims (kinlin), one very similar in pattern to the Mavic and one to Wolber 58 Gentleman.  They build very easily and would give you the peace of mind that you have good braking surfaces.

Otherwise, perhaps John at Spa Cycles may be able to help you, they are always great for whatever whee lbuilding stuff you need.

The other similar tandem rim we favour is the F.I.R. and sometimes these crop up as many people pass them by.

Hope this helps.

Pippa and John


Mark Hudson 2022-03-07 14:19:25

Hi Pippa and John,

Thanks very much for all the info. That's really helpful. 

I like the look of the Kinlin ADHN at £25 - https://www.hubjub.co.uk/kinlin-adhn-101-p.asp

Sadly it's out of stock in silver/40h. I've added my email for an alert for if/when it comes back in stock. I had a quick search and the tandems.co.uk mentioned above list them, too, but for £40. I'll wait to see if HubJub get back to me.

Thanks again,