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Tandem insurance

John Brace2022-01-01 10:00:05

Happy New Year

We are now proud owners of a JD tandem electric assist E8 Orbit and wondered if members could advise on Tandem insurance.

We have sold our  much loved Mercian but this tandem is awesome.

David Jenkins2022-01-01 10:41:22
TSB does very cost-effective  insurance up to£3500. If you want to be insured for more than that, other providers are my h more expensive.
Mike Dunning2022-01-01 11:20:37
As well as covering loss of you tandem by theft, I suggest you also take out breakdown cover! I was once out with the Taunton Tandem Group (riding in groups of three because of the Covid rules at the time), when the lead tandem in our group, an top-end no expense spared electric machine, suddenly broke down on a hill. It's chain had become firmly wedged between the spokes and gear cluster on the rear wheel and no amount of dismantling, pulling or careful twisting by the owner, myself and an accompanying rider could dislodge it (such is the immense torque on e-machines). The owner had to phone for a taxi while his wife remained at the roadside with their stricken machine until his eventual return.
Kevin Smith2022-01-01 12:44:08

We swapped to Pedal Cover. They have first class service, and their policy covers taxi fares in the event of breakdowns. 

Tread carefully with bike breakdown cover. We had a well known one and I confirmed they could deal with a Tandem. The time came when needed the service with a blown tyre on a tour. The call centre refused to help due to none standard bike and said we'd have to source our own taxi and claim a refund. I did this and was then told this would only be a 'one off' as a gesture of good will! Obviously I did not renew with them and complained. I did not realise Pedal cover had the taxi refund inc in the policy at the time. FYI, I've just added a £6k E cargo bike and my wife's new £3k adventure bike, no policy increase. 

Cliff Bruce2022-01-02 11:37:54
We use Aviva for house and contents insurance and pay a bit extra to increase the limit for cycles, which includes tandems. Suggest you read the policy wording on line to see what you get and the precise wording.