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Hiring tandems in Europe - recommendations please!

Katharine Lazenby2021-07-22 10:56:09

Hello everyone. My partner and I would like to go on holiday at the beginning of September, ideally a hot coastal destination somewhere in Europe. We'll be leaving our beloved tandem at home and so we'd love to try and find somewhere where we could hire a tandem. I was wondering if anyone in the Tandem Club has any recommended destinations where they have managed to hire a tandem for their holiday. Menorca looks like it could be a possibility, I have found a place that looks like it rents out tandems. Any other ideas, advice or experiences to share would be much appreciated. 

From Katharine 

David Tilling2021-07-24 11:03:31

Hi Katherine,  Breton Bikes in central Brittany are an excellent cycle hire company that you can rent all sorts of bikes from, including tandems. Please see Cycling Holidays in France since 1989 - Breton Bikes.  They can also supply camping equipment or organise hotels for you.

tony barcroft2021-08-16 08:24:03
Hi Katharine - in Mallorca for several years we have rented a Canondale road tandem (it's a medium so fits me 5'9" and my wife 5'6") from S'Escapada in Campos. (www.sescapada.com). It's a triple with disc brakes. Always well maintained and with spare tubes, pump etc. With the wheels off it will fit in the smallest hatchback rental car (albeit with the forks poking out of the rear hatch!). We stay at the Blau resort at Colonia San Jordi where they have a locked room for bike storage, helmets etc. 
Charles Kendall2021-08-17 17:45:16
Tandem rental on Belle-Île , Le Palais,  is available. The island is very nice for walking (coastal footpath) but not ideal for bicycles as they compete on pretty narrow roads with the bus service and cars.
Charles Kendall2021-08-17 17:57:54