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National Rally - Information Sheet Printing

Mark Waters2021-07-15 10:40:43

Hi, all

Is there anyone else out there having problems printing out the 27 pages of routes and other information on the upcoming rally in Nottingham? My printer is normally totally reliable but whilst trying to print out this info it keeps telling me there's an error and won't print. Very annoying! I suspect it's to do with margins because it's the maps that seem to be causing the problem. I do a screen print of the page that the printer stops at, put it on to a new document and it then prints out fine. OK, so why am I bothering to post this message? Because it's a faff and shouldn't be happening. Anyone got a solution before I waste another hour? Thanks in anticipation. Mark

Mark Waters2021-07-15 11:52:18
Just to add, in case anyone thinks I'm having a rant for the sake of it, whoever has created these pages of info, plus worked out all the routes, deserves a gold medal. Huge amounts of time and effort must have been given over to create all this stuff. The fact that I can't print it off is just unfortunate but not insurmountable. Mark
John Little2021-07-15 13:24:18

I've just printed them out without any bother (although I did save it to a local PDF file first).

Quite agree about the amount of time that must have gone into it.


Mark Waters2021-07-15 13:42:08
Worked like a dream, John. Very many thanks. Why didn't I think of that!  Hope this method is useful to others who might have a similar problem. It's likely that most people won't yet have tried to print the info off.