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Pi Spanner /Wrench

Graham Blackburn2021-04-20 11:56:48

Does anyone know where i can get a Pin Spanner/Wrench in order to loosen or tighten up the bottom bracket on a very old tandem?

Pippa and John Hand2021-04-20 13:28:59

Hi Graham,  we have encountered a number of different sized holes in eccentrics, for example our 1928 tandem has different dimensions from our 1998 tandem!

Should you not have any fancy measuring gear try offering different sized drill bits into the eccentric holes using the shank of the drill rather than the cutting end.  We then buy a piece of brass bar of the same size and attach that in some way (riveting or screwing) into two pieces of flat material , this could be steel/aluminium or whatever else you have handy.  By bolting these together at the far end you will create yourself a Y-shape spanner giving you enough leverage to move the bottom bracket.

We have seen people advocate the use of allen keys inserted into the eccentric, however, we don't like this process as it can damage the shell.

Could send you a photo if you are interested in making the above tool for yourself.

Pippa and John

Richard Scrase2021-04-20 13:36:41

If you are in Oxford I can lend you one. I had to buy one to do just this job on a Claud Butler USWB - now here! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lovely-1941-Claud-Butler-Ultra-short-wheelbase-tandem-20inch-frame-26-wheels/254949369983

Mark Noble2021-04-20 14:07:48

Hi Graham, I have a Ice toolz spanner which has one side of the opening riveted so it can open and close to match any bottom bracket size. I'm sure if you look up the company you should be able to find it. Let me know if you need a photograph.

Alan Creasey2021-05-01 20:49:10

Hi Graham I got a pin spanner off of eBay the quality's not too good but it works ok