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Frames and components

Peter Weeks2021-03-26 11:46:12

A family has contacted the Club with a list of tandem frames and bike components they want to dispose of.  95(!) frames of various styles and sizes 22/20 up to 25/23.  The components include Sachs-Maillard hubs, 6-speed and 5-speed cassettes, front and rear derailleurs, Miranda chainsets, pannier racks and rear hub brakes.  No further info at this time.

They say they prefer to sell in one or a few lots rather than as individual items.  Stock came from a former tandem business.

Anyone interested in helping this family dispose of the stock?

Peter Weeks, Chair

Mark Hudson 2021-03-26 13:15:31

Hi Peter,


I would definitely be interested. Primarily in the larger 25/23 frames and some parts. But happy to take more if that's what the owners wish. 




Peter Weeks2021-03-26 18:20:21


Thanks for yr message. Can I just check. Are you interested in buying all or substantially all of the frames and components?  The family are looking to dispose of the stock in one or a few lots.  Peter  

Mark Hudson 2021-03-26 18:26:07

Preferably substantially all. I don't quite need 95 tandem frames! But I guess it depends on price and location. If there are frames and parts that are of interest to me and I can move the surplus on, then potentially all of it, too.



Brian Stephen Reid2021-03-26 18:48:43

Hello Peter, 

I'd be happy to buy the full collection - I'd like to look at the collection and make an offer - where is it based? 

Brian, Golden Age Cycles, Bicester, Oxfordshire.

Mark Hudson 2021-04-02 13:18:10

Hi Peter,

Any update on this?



Peter Weeks2021-04-06 12:01:45


The family are talking with a prospective buyer.  If that doesn't happen I will put you in touch.



Peter Weeks2021-04-13 12:07:43


can you contact me please at  peter.weeks@blueyonder.co.uk

Matthew Hodges2021-04-13 22:16:12


I'm not sure this is good publicity for Tandeming signalling both Left and right at the same time.


Matthew Hodges2021-04-14 08:48:54

Sorry I should have said see picture and posted it as a new thread.