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Identifying this tandem

Ciaran Magill2021-02-16 18:21:37

Hi, I'm trying to identify the manufacturer of this tandem. there's no badge on it. There are some french stickers. 

Pippa and John Hand2021-02-17 09:12:25


The photo would suggest that your tandem is either a Lejeune or a Gitane.  Although you only supply one photograph do we see an Atom Drum brake in the rear wheel?  If so, they usually have a manufacturer's date on them.  The overall look would suggest something made during the 1970s.  Looking at the sheldonbrown website may help you to locate a frame number (bottom bracket, seat lug, fork column etc.) which may help you further.

Also perhaps expect to see 650 size wheels, these tyres are available in the UK, however they are readily available when you're cycle touring with your new steed on the continent.  Care though for type A, B or C 650s which are not interchangeable.  We run three vintage tandems and they are great fun to ride both in everyday use and at "vintage" events both in the UK and abroad.


Pippa and John

Ciaran Magill2021-02-17 11:07:16

Thanks so much for the information and taking the time. 

Charles Kendall2021-02-18 16:26:52

We used to have a Gitane Lady-back from 1980 but it had a number of differences. It did not have this rather graceful curved down tube for the stoker and it had a thru-drive (I think you call it), i.e. the drive chain is from the Pilot's chainset to the rear wheel cassette with a tensioning pulley wheel.

I would suggest yours might be a custom job as all the old french tandems prêt-à-porter so to speak, that I have seen online have straight tubes.

Ciaran Magill2021-02-18 16:59:45

Charles Kendell

Thanks for reply, I haven't been able to find any tandems with a similar curved bar but thankfully I'm enjoying the search. 

Pippa and John Hand2021-02-19 08:35:59

Creating curved top tubes is far more expensive than, for example, using twin lat or other forms of less structurally integral manufacture, therefore, it fell out of favour.  Some lightweight French builders still offer this as an option - you can see some beautiful examples in the Permanence at any Semaine Federale.  Tony Oliver also explores this option in his book "Touring Bikes: A Practical Guide".  During the 1980s we sold frames constructed like this from MBK in France.

Pippa and John