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Help valuing a vintage tandem

Alex Taylor2021-02-14 12:06:51

Hi All,

I'm new to the club.

I bought a 1939 dilecta le Blanc touring tandem a few years back with the intention of doing some eroica style events withh the wife but it jusr never really happened.

We've just moved and my new garage isn't suitable for looking after such a lovely thing and I would hate to see it ruined by its environment.

My trouble is that I can't be sure of it's true value, I've put a price on it on eBay that I thought would get it sold quick sticks but I've had no interest at all.

I understand a seventy year old tandem is a bit niche but still. It is a thing of beauty.


Any advice very welcome.


Thanks for having me in your club . 

Trevor Muddimer2021-02-14 13:17:28



Alex Taylor2021-02-14 13:44:24

Thanks Trevor, would love to keep it but I j7st can't look after it the way it deserves.

Stuart Pembery2021-02-14 14:20:16

Beautiful. We just restored what we think is a 1937 Dilecta. Changed wheels, gears, brakes, chainset. Everything else original.

Am curious to see possible value...


Alex Taylor2021-02-14 14:47:07
Alex Taylor2021-02-14 14:47:51
Alex Taylor2021-02-14 14:48:34

Thanks all, I'd love to take credit for the restoration but it wasn't me but a very well thought out sympathetic resto.


Sounds like everyone is in the same boat in terms of knowing it's value. I put it on eBay for 550 thinking my hand would be bitten off.

Alex Taylor2021-02-14 15:04:27

Beautiful bike Stuart, I dated mine as 1939 as it's stamped on the dropouts.

Crazy to think what was going on in France in 36/39 And the history the bikes were being built during.

Peter Weeks2021-02-15 09:02:12

Lovely picture.  I know nothing about old tandem makes but they are interesting and this is a good restoration.

To find a new owner try advertising on the TC For Sale pages.  Cheap to advertise for 3 months and if not sold it's free to re-advertise.  Reaches loads of keen tandemists in the Tandem Club and beyond.

Kevin Smith2021-03-20 17:47:31

Hi Alex, is this still for sale please?