2024 International Tandem Rally

Saturday 25th May 2024 to Saturday 1st June 2024

RCN de Schotsman holiday park
Schotsmanweg 1
4493 CX Kamperland



Tony Prichard2024-05-26 08:36:59tci2024

Update on Janet. Following her fall last night we attended hospital in Goes. She has broken her cheek and we have an appointment with the Maximo facial consultant on Monday

Eugene Kertzman2024-05-26 21:46:23tci2024
Monday 27th Update

Good morning Campers,

Today (Monday) will take you onto the Rammekes Route:

Day 2. Middelburg - Rammekes Ride IDs: 863, 860, 861

Free tour of the Cheese Farm Schellach, https://schellach.nl/,
Prooijenseweg 26, 4333 KD Middelburg – Tours will happen on demand from 10:30 when there are enough in a group, some waiting around might be required. There is also a self-guided tour (follow the footsteps on the ground) and a milking viewing platform, cheese making window,  play meadow and terrace. The shop sells locally produced cheese and other products.

Please remember to book your meal for Friday today (Monday) with reception, thee will be one free drink on arrival (tap beer, glass of wine or a soft drink)

Nothing specific organised for the evening although the beach volleybal is available for anyone who fancies organising a game!

Have a good day,

The Veere Rally Team


Phil Harmer2024-05-27 07:21:45tci2024

In case you didn't know , the ferry does not run on Mondays nor Fridays

Eugene Kertzman2024-05-27 20:48:53tci2024
Tuesday 28th May update

Good morning,


today (Tuesday) will take us to Goes.

Day 3. Noord & Zuid Beveland (Goes) Ride ID: 851, 852, 850

The tandem games will not hapoen on Tuesday night now due to the weather firscast benig quite rainy. We hope to do these on Wednesday evening.

Hopefully you have all booked your meal choice for Friday?

Have a good ride!

The Veere Rally Team

Tony Prichard2024-05-28 14:35:27tci2024

Janet has had her operation and is back on the campsite. All went well.

Eugene Kertzman2024-05-28 19:51:29tci2024

Good morning Campers,

Today (Wednesday) is a Day off, no route planned but we suggest a ride to Veere (use the cycle/pedestrian) ferry across the lake. We have the community hall booked in the centre of Veere from 12:30 till 16:00 hrs (any time in between) and you are welcome to pop in for a social time with free coffee, tea or fruit juice and traditional Zeeuwse bolus. We also have a number of traders showing off their tandems and garments. You are welcome to bring a picnic and sit in or outside. The address is:

De Korenmaat, Kerkstraat 6, 4351 AK in Veere. From 12:30 – 16:30 hrs

In attendance will be:

  • Staerk Bikes - www.staerk-bikes.nl tandem manufacturer
  • Sports basics https://www.sportsbasics.nl/ – cycling under garments
  • Livecycles.Bike – bike builders from Haarlem
  • brandz-bikes.com/

End of rally meal on Friday - Contrary to a rumour going round there are still places available for most time slots, which are: 16:00 hrs, 18:00 hrs & 20:00 hrs.

The Weere Rally Team

Eugene Kertzman2024-05-28 20:10:47tci2024
Tandem Games

Tandem Games

Tandem Games will start at 19:30 and will be held on the strip of grass that is between the surfing toilet block (nearest one to the rally marquee on pitch 918) and the lake. Competitors and audience welcome!

Eugene Kertzman2024-05-29 20:34:07tci2024
Day 4 Rides

Good Morning Tandem Campers,

Today's (Thursday) rides will take us across the Oosterschelde Dam to Schouwen-Duiveland. The whole area of Zeeland was very badly flooded in 1953 and many people died. As a results the Delta works were started and the Dam is one of the many measures put in place. For those doing the extension from Zierikzee, you will be able to visit the 1953 Watersnood Museum in Ouwerkerk (https://watersnoodmuseum.nl/).

You will also have the pleasure of cycling across the Zeeland Brug, 5km long to get you back to Zuid Beveland!

4. Oosterschelde Dam & Schouwen-Duiveland, Ride ID: 866, 885, 864

Evening: informal gathering, you are welcome to bring any
tandem related items to try and sell or recycle
(marquee) from 19:00 onwards or come and talk to Neil about the excellent mapping tools on the Tandem Club website.

Janet Pritchard is feeling a lot better now and is just a bit tired!

The Veere Rally Team

Eugene Kertzman2024-05-30 18:03:57tci2024
Friday - last rally day!

Good morning Rally Campers!

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Schouwen Duivenland and the new tandem game: cycling across a bridge in a straight line for 5km!

Day 5 (Friday) will take us along the coast on Walcheren to Domburg and towards Vlissingen. Don't forget your voucher for your free icecream at the IJsboerderij De Koehoorn, https://dekoehoorn.nl/ijsboerderij/ If you do the short after 22.6 km you have to turn right (at knooppunt 46), if you do medium you will pass it at 47.1 or long at 76 km. There is a marked map in the tent.

In the evening will be the end of rally meal, hopefully you will all have booked in for one of the sittings. You can get your first drink free from the bar, this is a tap beer, a glass of wine or a soft drink. At 19:30 there will be a interlude for a couple of short speeches. You are all welcome to join in for that.

The Veere Rally Team

Neil Wheadon2024-05-30 23:17:51tci2024
Ice Cream on Friday
Ice Cream on Friday

Here's the ice cream stop on Friday

https://tandem-club.org.uk/rides?cmd=view&id=873 LONG at 76km

https://tandem-club.org.uk/rides?cmd=view&id=872 MEDIUM at 48km

https://tandem-club.org.uk/rides?cmd=view&id=871 SHORT at 23km

Map enclosed, have a lovely final ride

     Neil, Eugene and Phil

Eugene Kertzman2024-05-31 07:49:37tci2024
Ice cream farm opening time

Just to confirm that the icecream farm is open all day contrary to what it says on their website! 😀 Sunshine is on its way!

Neil Wheadon2024-06-04 19:59:17tci2024
Rides and adding pictures


I've tidied up all the rides from Veere and added 6 pictures to each, an example is at https://tandem-club.org.uk/rides?cmd=view&id=872

There were 2 bits of feedback from Veere. Firstly that the rides weren't in any particular order, this will hopefully be addressed. It's to do with the numbering system. Basically when you enter a ride it gets a unique number, this cannot be changed, but we've thought of a workaround. Secondly the naming convention needed thought about and as you may see I have altered all the names now. This will be looked at for fture events.

I have also created 5 galleries, so for example the one for the Friday medium ride is at https://tandem-club.org.uk/showcase?cmd=view&group=&id=145 The system is clever enough that these galleries can be linked to the ride which I've done. Even better all the galleries for an event also appear in the ride, so it's  agreat historical record.

Now everyone can add a gallery, all you have to do is create one and add you pictures. It would be great if folks can create a gallery for the short and long routes and maybe add any others to the medium ride. This further helps anyone using these routes in future as people do

Finally, I showed about 10 people the Rides database in detail ad all were surprised just how much was in there and the functionality. I'm the first to admit the interface is tricky at first (an upgrade is coming) but once in there, there is a lot of good stuff, check out 'published rides' The easiest way in, is to use the search button right at the top, type in a place or even a name of a popular tourist attraction (English Heritage/NT for example, scroll to the bottom and hit the hyperlink, that will get you started

Thanks again to Eugene who did all the admin as well as Phil and don't forget Tony


Brasserie at RCN De Schotsman

Apartments at RCN De Schotsman

View of the lake

Beach at the campsite

Beach playground

Beach playground, with view over lake

Combined use path

Hollandse Windmolen

Ferry across the lake

Fishing ship

Ferry to Veere (2004 rally)

Family Ride

Tandem Games

19/12/2023: Bookings are now closed.  I am sorry but we are not able to accept any more bookings including on-site self booked or off-site bookings as this causes the organisers extra work,   In particular, I now need to focus on the 2024 Easter rally and the 2024 National rally.
Phil Harmer. Touring Events Coordinator.

The Rally

The Tandem Club's 2024 International Rally will be held at RCN de Schotsman, holiday park in Kamperland, Zeeland, Netherlands from Saturday 25th May to Saturday 1st June 2024 (half-term week in the UK). The holiday park is near the town of Veere on the islands of Zeeland in the south-west region of the Netherlands. The ports of Hoek van Holland (53 miles) and Dunkirk (95 miles) are within cycling distance.


De Schotsman is located on one of several island in the South-West of the Netherlands. In the past all individual islands, but now all joined together with a series of bridges and dams to provide a paradise for cyclists with cycle lanes everywhere. Whilst hills may be a rare sight there is enough to be seen with very interesting and quaint villages and towns, nature areas, dunes, dykes and polders and of course lakes and seas. Veere has a close connection with Scotland with a very active woollen trade in the 16th century, It had the sole rights to wool from Scotland in the Netherlands. The Schotsman is therefore an appropriate name for our rally site. The site is close to the Oosterschelde dam, a storm dam that lets the salt water pass through and has an Expo/Pleasure Park to tell you all about the fight against water in the Netherlands, with a fun park for the children.

Rally Site

The site is part of the RCN group - well regarded by our Dutch members. The Club last held a rally at De Schotsman park here in 2004. The holiday park is on the bank of the Veerse Meer, and enjoys lovely sunsets over the water. The accommodation consists of camping pitches, chalets, bungalows, apartments and safari tents. Campsite pitches are to be booked with the rally booking form, other accommodation is to be booked directly with RCN de Schotsman. We have an allocation of pitches that we have to confirm on 1st December 2023.  We have just received final confirmation of the prices, so we are now programming and testing the rally booking system. As soon as it is ready and open we will publicise it. So if you want to be sure of your Tandem Holiday in Veere, book onto the rally by the end of November 2023. RCN de Schotsman website: www.rcn.nl/en/holiday-park/holland/zeeland/rcn-de-schotsman

Here is the location of the campsite within the Netherlands:

Camping Pitches

We have reserved 4 different types of pitch, which are in the tables below. Only tents, caravans and trailer tents are permitted on the Camping Pitches. Motorhomes and Campervans must book on the Camper Pitches.

The campsite welcomes disabled guests. There are special facilities, such as wheelchair-friendly showers and toilets, to cater for their needs.

The campsite also has some top of the range pitch with private facilities - we have not reserved any of these, but they could be booked direct with the campsite.

Some pitches do permit pets but only on request. We suggest that before you create a rally booking, contact the rally organisers, so we can confirm availability with the campsite.

All pitches permit up to 7 persons.

Comfort Camping Pitch Standard Camping Pitch
16 amp electrical supply
Water Connection
Drainage point
TV connection
Free Wi-Fi
10 amp electrical supply
Free Wi-Fi


Comfort Camper Pitch Standard Camper Pitch
Approximately 80m2
Surface is paved
16 amp electrical supply
Water Connection
Drainage point
TV connection
Use of camper service station
Free Wi-Fi
Approximately 80m2
Hardened foundation
10 amp electrical supply
Use of camper service station
Free Wi-Fi

Leisure Facilities

Facility Notes
Heated outdoor swimming pool Open from May to September
Indoor swimming pool  
Indoor playground  
Trampolines Extra charge
Fossil field  
Fitness room Use from 18 years upwards, extra charge
Playground equipment scattered around the grounds  
Sports field  
Beach volleyball court  
Tennis courts Extra charge
Windsurfing school  
Sailing boat and boat hire  
Cable water skiing next to the park  
Aquapark next to the park  


Layout of the campsite:



The following link is a downloadable layout of the campsite in pdf format, which is very clear but is a larger file: plattegrond_RCN_De_Schotsman_2e_NL_web.pdf



A choice of 3 rides will be available for each of the 5 cycling days - a short, a medium and a long. We will also provide some extra short family rides.  Short rides are generally 28 to 40 miles, medium are 38 to 59 miles and long are 56 to 69 miles.

For those that have not yet attended a Tandem Club rally, we do not go out as a large group. Instead we tend to set off in small groups, so that we do not swamp the local roads. Each rally attendee is expected to bring their own printed copy of the route instructions / gpx track files. These will be published to those booked on the rally no later than 2 weeks before the start of the rally.


This rally will follow a format honed over many years and there will be something offered every night aside the rest day.

This will include welcome drinks, a quiz, tandem games, water games, a bring and buy sale, a closing gathering and we will be making local sweets in Veere whilst learning about local folklore.


You need to be members of the Tandem Club or certain overseas organisations to book. See the Terms and Conditions below.

The booking system is currently being produced and tested. We will send round notifications as soon as it is open to create your booking.

Prices will be as follows, and are per week:

Item Weekly Price
Weekly Price
Camping Pitch Comfort (includes 2 people) 238.00 275.00
Camping Pitch Standard (includes 2 people) 192.00 222.00
Motorhome Pitch Comfort (includes 2 people) 238.00 275.00
Motorhome Pitch Standard (includes 2 people) 186.00 215.00

Extra Person (age 3 and


14.00 16.00
Tourist Tax (age 3 and above) 10.00 11.20
Rally fee (age 19 and above) 22.50 25.00

The campsite does permit pets on request. We suggest contact the rally organiser by email ( tci2024@tandem-club.org.uk ) to indicate the type of pitch you would like and the number / type of pets you would like to bring. We will liaise with the campsite then get back to you.

Once the booking system is available, please use the button below to book for this event. Preferred payment for UK residents is by on-line credit/debit card payment but the form will present you with other options. If you have a website login account, then please login before using this form as most fields will be filled in for you automatically.

Need further information?


Event Information

Attendees Event information

Terms and Conditions.
Booking confirmation:
Your booking is not confirmed until payment has been received in full and cleared which should be before the closing date for bookings. Dishonoured cheques will result in the cancellation of your booking.
Members Only:
This event is open to UK or overseas Tandem Club Members or, in the case of overseas people, members of the following organisations: "Tandem Club of America", "Tandem Club de France", "Tandem Club NL (Netherlands)", "Tandem ClubVlaanderen (Belgium)" and "Tandem-fahren.de (Germany)". You can join the Tandem Club using the forms on the TC website. Joining the TC (About 15 UKP per year).

If you participate in any ride or event organised by the Tandem Club you do so entirely at your own risk. The Club, its officers and ride organisers accept no responsibility for loss, damage to property, accident, injury or death, that may occur, however caused, whether by negligence, deliberate act or otherwise.

Cancellations and refunds.
The rally fee will not be refunded after the closing date. Refund of other components will depend on what the Club can recover from the campsite and/or other suppliers. Members may wish to consider taking out Holiday Insurance to cover losses the Club cannot refund.

Photographs taken at the event may be published on the Tandem Club Website, The Tandem Club Facebook pages and The Tandem Club Journal