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What calls do you get ?

Richard Fuller2021-01-17 23:22:12

The most popular call to my wife and I whilst on the tandem is "she's not pedalling"I would love a great comeback does anybody have one? Incidentally the next most popular is "can you ride tandem?" I had a group of boys shouting "do a wheelie" 

Peter David Koch-Osborne2021-01-18 10:03:53

The best call we had was at a TC rally in Lincoln many years ago when 100 tandem couples went en masse through the centre of Lincoln on a quiet Sunday morning and the cry of "Is it the mating season" was heard. On our e tandem the captain can freewheel whilst the stoker pedals, maybe this is the answer?  Try: "I'd know if she wasn't!"

Richard Fuller2021-01-18 11:13:49

Not sure my wife would allow me to freewheel whist she pedals! I will try the retort!

Matthew Hodges2021-01-18 16:38:31

Isn't it time we stopped referring to the stoker and used the proper title Rear Admiral.

There are a number of possible replies. two of my favourites are:-

"Can you hear that parrot" and "Get your eyes tested".

Perhaps today we could say "Trump is tweeting again".

Deon Bothma2021-01-18 16:59:35

We have been Captain and Admiral for many years.  The Admiral's favourite retort is: "I am here for my looks."

Michael Hughes2021-01-18 23:47:19

Captains, Admirals etc I know times are boring but should we not call a halt to all this naval gazing

Ken & Liz Gates2021-02-10 11:24:17

I think our favourite comment was 'oh look mummy - a two headed bike' !

Jon Watt2021-02-10 11:57:03

As above

"She's not pedalling at the back" and 'Can I ride tandem" are the two most common by far. 'Sick bike' from a group of tough looking lads was my favourite.

If you want to increase the number of calls you get, ride the tandem by yourself. Although the creativity decreases for that one and it it's always 'You've lost your wife'

Jon Watt2021-02-10 11:59:35

We did find a cycling shirt with 'I am bloody pedalling!' written on the back but we didn't bother getting it.

Richard Fuller2021-02-10 12:04:31

I did ride it on my own once going to the bike shop for repair, someone at a crossing said there is no one on the back I looked around startled and said oops!

Tim Williams2021-02-10 12:08:50

"If you want to increase the number of calls you get, ride the tandem by yourself"

Must be nearly 30 years ago, but I was riding my tandem on my own and got stopped by a policeman with the words "Excuse me sir, do you wish to report a missing person?"

Tim Dowson2021-02-12 18:43:17

I wonder if some of the calls and laughs you get relate to the two sets of legs going round in time with each other - in parallel. Has anyone noticed a difference in comments if the pilot's pedals are offset 90* from the stoker's?

Pippa and John Hand2021-02-17 09:42:17

"You appear to have lost your co-jockey"  the comment from a very well-to-do lady on horseback.

We regularly use one of our tandem as a taxi, when the rear seat is not paying it's fare many interesting comments abound. 

Pippa and John

Ted Pearson2021-03-11 22:15:14

The best call we have had recentlt was `Look, a unicycle`. I hadn`t realised we were so talented.


In response to `she`s not pedalling at the back` if we get the chance. My ever loving stoker tells them that a tandem is like a Porsche. The engine is at the back and driven by a grey haired old poser.

Chris Bishop2021-03-14 20:34:46

I usually say that's a pound you owe me, as in if I had a pound for everytime....

Neil Wheadon2021-03-20 22:10:30

Whilst cycling up a hill in the USA, a local comic looked at me and said

"Look 2 horsepower'

 I take credit for saying back

"Are you calling my wife a horse?'

He blushed and apologised