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Dog trailer advice

John Little2020-12-11 15:54:37


Our greyhound doesn't like being left behind so we're considering getting a trailer to go behind the tandem for her. I've tried her in the kids old Croozer which was find until she go excited where upon the limitations of the conversion became quite apparent!

Does anyone have any recommendations? She's 26kg and quite large. I've towed the kids trailer hundreds of miles so I'm not worried about the towing aspect of it.



Paul Wrighton2020-12-11 16:20:00

I've just sold a trailer which I picked up for about eighty quid, it's generic made in china steel fabrication, I've tried to attach pictures, from above with cover on and from beneath leaning on wall.

This should be more than strong enough for a 26kg load, I carried up to sixty on mine.

However you will need to improve on the standard, the minimum would be to have a soft dogber on the sheet steel base and if you need to enclose the hound because there's any risk of jumping out then you'll have to get into fabricating hoops like on wagons in the wild west, then covering that.

Good luck! I can relate to this as our casual rides were always limited to four hours because we had to get back to guide dog.  

Sadly you can't put guide dogs on trailers!

Stuart Hibberd2020-12-12 16:22:53

My daughter has a DoggyRide trailer which is pretty good. She has the mini version not the large one that you would probably need. These trailers have a sun roof that you can open up so the dog can see out.



David Tilling2020-12-14 11:44:26

Our greyound, Bubbles, used to love bike rides in her trailer. The longest one we did was a camping trip of several days along the Devon Coast-to-Coast and she was fine; I found a child trailer that had a metal base rather than a canvas one, took the seat out and the dog curled up very happily on a suitably sized bed. It seemed important to be able to zip her in so that any sheep we might pass didn't get terrified. Bubbles died a couple of years ago but the trailer is still in the garage. I'm in Redhill, Surrey, if you'd like to try the trailer.

John Little2020-12-15 08:43:53

Thanks everyone for the comments and photos - makes me think we're on the right lines. Thanks for the offer David but we're in Durham...

Next challenge: getting my four year old stoker to produce enough power that we can go on a club ride with the dog!