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Chain Guard

Derek Perry2020-11-08 15:52:49

Now then folks, After our ride out today I decided to give the bike a clean. I noticed the Chain Guard seems to be broken in two places as can be seen from the photographs. I don't know how long it's been like this but I should get it replaced as soon as I can.

How do I removed this guard and what info/size etc do I need to order another one.

Derek Perry2020-11-08 15:58:32
Chris Peachey2020-11-10 17:17:07

You need to remove and dismantle the chainset to remove the gaurd. If this is not something you are keen to do then you could simply break off the gaurd. Look at where it has snaped and score the lug/s that are still attached with a knife then snap it off. Chaingaurds are optional. Thay can help prevent the chain comming off but as you have a front changer this is not likely to happen. They also offer some protection against floppy trousers catching the chain. You can easily manage without it. Most bikes do not have them.

A replacement needs to have the same bolt-circle-diameter (pcd) and be the same size as your big ring and have the same number of mounting holes (4or5)




Bob Gairns2020-11-10 18:15:37

Derek- what stand are you using? I see one in your picture and I have been searching for something that will suit our Dawes Galaxy Twin and fit on the bracket that is brazed on the bottom tube- however I think it is in front of the position that yours is. I cannot be convinced that any stand isn’t going to foul the timing chain. Apologies for a discussion hijack but whilst there have been similar questions posed in the past none have been accompanied by a picture of one that works.


Tim Dowson2020-11-10 18:27:59

Before now I have successfully tied the plastic back into place with string. I can't see the details of the break, but it all depends what final result matters most. The string was a very quick solution, has lasted well, and keeps my socks cleaner than they would be on that particular (single) bike.

Derek Perry2020-11-10 18:30:14


Thanks for your input. I have managed to find the issue and rectify it. After a blooming good clean I noticed the countersunk screws that scure the guard from the inside of the large ring. 2 screws were missing so a simple fix.. SJS Cycles were very helpful in pointing me in the right direction.

Derek Perry2020-11-10 18:33:40

Bob, the stand was purchased of ebay:

Hebie E-Bike stand

It doesn't bolt to the welded bracket that Dawes have fitted as the bolt screws in from the top down. Fits nicely in the gap behind the rear bottom bracket though. Works a treat

Bob Gairns2020-11-11 10:25:05

Thanks Derek

How wide is it when raised- the Hebrew website suggests 200mm which I find hard to believe.

Our front derailleur is cabled uo the way through the gap- is that the same as yours?

Bob Gairns2020-11-11 10:31:21

Edit-Hebie before I am excommunicated from the site.


Derek Perry2020-11-11 11:44:37

Bob, Mine is exactly like yours. The stand works a treat. If you send me your email I'll forward some more photo's if you want


Bob Gairns2020-11-12 08:15:16

Derek- that would be helpful. Thanks



Giles Bresnen2020-11-14 10:33:12

Hi Derek, I've been following this thread as I'm hoping your stand will fit our Discovery, could you send me some pics also please. My concerns are the same as Bob's and the clearance between the stand and chain when folded up. Thanks in advance.


Stuart Hibberd2020-11-14 11:36:01

A good stand that I use on our tandems is the Pletscher Twin Leg Kickstand this stand folds both legs to the left side under the stay when not in use.

Stuart Hibberd2020-11-14 12:04:44

Stand in use

Giles Bresnen2020-11-14 12:12:14

That's an interesting design,  thanks Stuart