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Unknown Tandem Make

2020-10-20 20:05:37
2020-10-20 20:07:40

Hi everyone 

I'm  new to tandems. Found this tandem in my Aunt's shed. Can anyone please help me identify,  thought it may be a Schwinn copy.

2020-10-20 20:17:45
2020-10-20 20:18:45
2020-10-20 20:18:58
Peter David Koch-Osborne2020-10-20 21:36:29

I used to manage a register of over 100 pre war Tandems for the Tandem Club and, I have to say,....  I've never seen anything like this before!! Good luck! Cheers Peter. 

2020-10-21 05:18:49
2020-10-21 05:20:27

Hi Peter 

thanks for your comments and help. The nearest look a like I can find is this U.S.A. Schwinn. 

best regards 


Stephen Gray2020-10-21 10:57:55

Looks very Schwinn like to me with the curvy tubes and cruiser look. However as you say ot might be a copy.

Paul Womack2020-10-22 16:15:04

Looks like it's a "Hollandia Rathburn"




Paul Womack2020-10-22 16:43:44

Photo of Hollandia Rathburn