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How do you value a vintage tandem?

Steve Goss2020-08-01 10:55:38

My wife and I bought a 1940s Jack Taylor tandem back in 1978 and now (very reluctantly) have decided it's time to sell it on. It has mostly original equipment except that we fitted derailleur gears and is in pretty good condition. I would appreciate any advice on the best way to sell a vintage tandem like this and, if we end up using a service such as The Tandem Club's "for sale" board where we have to specify the asking price, how do we work out what it's worth? Any thoughts gratefully received. Thank you!

John Holiday2020-08-01 11:24:28

Difficult to calculate its value, but you may find a collector would wish to add classic machine to collection. 

Another possibility might be Veteran Cycle Club For Sale section in their News & Views.

Again, might appeal to collector.

What ever you do,don't  scrap it!

Brian Stephen Reid2020-08-01 16:17:38

Hi Steve, 

If you go to eBay's Advanced Search feature for 'Jack Taylor Tandem', you'll see what they've sold for - adjust your asking price accourding to the condition of yours. We sell hundreds of vintage cycles each year, but you'll get more by selling it yourself.



Golden Age Cycles, Bicester

Steve Goss2020-08-02 18:07:46
Thanks so much John and Brian - very helpful. I'll check out the suggestions!