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Salviac ex-rally August 2020

Sheila Ward2020-07-06 13:14:25

A couple of tandems from Wessex are still planning to go to Salviac in August as the rides are lovely. Is anyone else thinking of going? The Salviac campsite is sadly closing early on 22nd August but others are available nearby. We are B&Bing in the village itself.

Kevin Smith2020-07-06 14:57:11

We are still going, accom booked just outside village

Robert Bending2020-07-08 08:46:30

We are still undecided. I think we will make a decision towards the end July. As I understand, we still have the B&B booking available to us, but as soon as we decide one way or the other, I will let them know. I am sure, once there all will be fine but we are wary of overnight stops and getting food.

Huibert Heijna2020-07-20 11:03:02

We are going nearby, Le Carbonnier, beginning of September for 2 weeks.  I was wandering if we could have access to the routes?

Sheila Ward2020-07-20 12:51:52

The routes are available in Open Runner and Ride with GPS on this website in the International Rally section of the Events page. As we don't use our old Garmin much I am transcribing them as paper routes.

Please get in touch if you will be around in the rally week and would like to meet up or ride - sheila.lymington@gmail.com - and we can exchange mobile numbers.