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Hello from Essex

Andy Gill-Cogan2020-06-11 16:17:33


My name is Andy and me and my wife Clare are about to venture into the world of tandems. We are planning to hire one locally to allow a try before we buy. I am aware that there may will be differences (big and small) between what we hire and buy.

My budget will limit us to used models unfortunately.

Both me and my wife Clare are 6 footers and both of us are built for comfort rather than speed!!

We both cycle, however I'm the more enthuastic rider, often clocking up 20 to 60 miles per ride.

So far Ive short listed Dolan, Orbit and Dawes Twin Edge bikes.

Ive read here and other sites to be wary of Viking, Raleigh (likely to be too small for a 6ft stoker) and other 'cheap' brands.

However Id be grateful for views and experience of Ridgeback and Indigo brands.


Thanks in advance and wishing everyone happy and safe riding.

Andy Gill-Cogan2020-07-01 14:06:30

Not sure whats happening here as my new post isnt appearing??

Anyways, bought this tandem just over two weeks ago and  we are very happy with it.

Since then have added the mudguards, saddles, stoker bar riser, new tyres, better spec cassette, etc

Stripped and serviced too....amazing what was and wasnt greased/lubed!!