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fellow triplet owners list your experiences on your triplet

dave s2020-03-27 15:00:47

please dont hesitate to list your own experiences on your tandem triplet. 

John Little2020-03-27 15:16:38

We found our Helios tripplet became rather slow as the children got heavier (we couldn't keep up with mother) so we are now trying two tandems instead - which will also put a bit more distance between the children! Testing is still at an early stage, but so far so good, although not such a vote for a tripplet!

adam robinson2020-03-27 18:49:59

If you're selling your helios triple I'd be keen! We've got a standard helios and love it but our daughter is now just about big enough to move out of the bike seat and join my son and me on a triple. A colleague at work has one to transport his 4 kids (twins in a trailer...) and is really happy with it.

Melissa Loucas2020-03-27 21:14:47

Hi Adam, if that means you're selling your baby seat  and rack we'd be keen  as we need one to fit our Helios for our 2 yr old!

adam robinson2020-03-29 22:53:53

the seat will go before long but will keep the rack. Can let you know when we do get rid of it!

Peter Gunn2020-06-17 23:39:54

I’ve recently got a thorn triple tandem for me and my two boys. It’s great, albeit quite hard work when they aren’t helping much!