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storage tips for triple tandem bike

dave s2020-03-14 18:44:12

so i might be getting a thorn trident and was wondering if any body has tips for storing it at home ? also if anyone got ss couplers added to it also let me know.

Kevin Kidney2020-03-14 20:08:05

A triplet is about 10 feet long so a bit of handful, ok to wheel about but too heavy to hang on hooks. Mine lives in a long shed. Fine riding around town and ok on hills if you are strong and passengers not too heavy. It takes a bit of getting used to, rides like a long tandem, which I presume you have experience of. Have to allow a bit more distance on inside of corners and it along way from front to back of bike, you cant see the gears from the front.

dave s2020-03-14 20:22:42

thank you for your response i have been riding a tandem for 6 years so would you  recommend i get a long shed built ?

Kevin Kidney2020-03-17 09:47:17

I have a 14' shed. In the mean time it should fit down the side of your lounge or dining room, or in your garage. Glad to hear you are an expienced tandem rider so you know what you are doing. Triplets are great fun, you get noticed,

dave s2020-03-17 10:29:41

thank you i cant wait to get my triple

Tim Dowson2020-03-17 10:34:49

Something that helps a lot with storing (and manoevering) a tandem when there's a question of space is to fit quick-releases to the stoker bars or handlebar stem. This means the bars can be rapidly twisted in line with the frame, effectively making the whole thing narrower. I'm sure this would apply to a triplet as well.

dave s2020-03-17 12:02:28

mhh must look into that