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Saddle help please.

Mick Tozer2019-12-04 20:43:28

Hi again. Some more advice please! 

We need a more general,purpose saddle for the different stokers that ride our tandem.What would you recommend please,we get ladies and men of very different  sizes,the rides are usually relatively short at the moment,no more than 30'/ 40 miles. And maybe a suspension seatbpost! Thank you. Mick.

Sheila Ward2019-12-06 14:13:24

Definitely a suspension seat post - the captain doesn't always remember to tell you when a bump or pothole is coming!

Chris Bishop2019-12-06 14:46:33

As I am sure you are aware saddles are individual so it is impossible to please everyone, get a medium and hope for the best, don't go for too much padding I think they can be less comfortable in the long run. A suspension seat post is a must. 

Warning about holes and bumps makes a huge difference to the stoker so they can be prepared, lift themselves off the saddle, etc. A regular stoker will learn what to expect, Mrs Bee knows that when the pedals stop going round and they are same height to put her weight on her feet, we just do that without thinking. If you are riding with different partners you have to be much more concious and deliberate in these things.

Same with changing gear unless it is a late or sudden change Mrs Bee feels the change in pressure and there is no neeed to warn her, she is very good btw and is proud of the fact we have never walked up a paved hill.

Mick Tozer2019-12-06 16:35:01

Thanks Chris and Sheila,first stop a suspension seat post then!

Phillip Mousley2019-12-17 10:12:33

Cannot begin to tell you th e amount of money and number of saddles purchased over the years.  Low end of the budget Velo Plush are pretty hard to beat, high end budget SQ Lab the website begins with "would you buy a pair of shoes without knowing the size of your foot" they send out a simple kit to measure your sit bones and then match that to your riding style to hive you the width of saddle all their saddles come in several widths. Suspension seat posts - the simple ones with a spring in the post aren't great, Cane Creek do a great one again if it fits the budget and you have the distance between the frame and saddle height.  Happy hunting

Mick Tozer2019-12-19 07:08:21

Thanks. Philip,great advice.Hadn't thought about the seat height restriction with a suspension sea post,that would definately rule out a couple of our riders.

Thank you.