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Hub motor on Carbon Forks

John Saunders2019-09-16 20:45:24

I have recently had to fit new orbit carbon forks on my Santana Beyond, my wife and I are of the opinion that we should investigate the possibility of adding some assistance in the form of a from hub motor. I have taken opinion from various people who are better informed than myself and have got an even response as to whether the forks will take the torque or fail. At the Cycle Show this weekend I counselled learned opinions and roughly got the same response. It appears the more peiple you ask ......etc

Would anyone wish to add their views ?

I have one kit supplier who said it will work and has put the kit on his Cannondale with carbon forks and no problem, but then he wants to sell a kit or am I being too suspect?

John S

Achim Gloger2019-09-17 08:40:58

No, you’re not being too suspicious, just sensible. 

Ask Orbit whether the will warrant their fork under these circumstances. I suspect they will be horrified and decline. Those forks were not designed to take the torque of a hub motor. It’s difficult enough finding carbon forks rated for Tandem use so I would not want to add extra stress risers without being sure that the fork manufacturer approves of doing so.

There’s your answer: don’t do it unless you don’t mind taking a huge risk with your and your stoker’s well-being and lives.