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Advice on new tandem

Paul Cooper2019-08-01 22:06:45

Looking to buy a new tandem, in range £2500-£3000. Something capable of touring. SJS have some Rohloff Thorn Raven on the old frame, at about this price, or there is the Orbit Velocity Tour, or maybe Velocity Comp. Any advice? Many thanks! Paul

Alan MacDonald2019-08-01 22:40:31

Paul, I don't know where you are based, but a trip to Gargrave to meet John, Ruth and Jamie at JD Tandems is well worth the trip. You can try out all the tandems and they will be able to organise and advise you on the best tandem in your price range. They have a great setup and are extremely knowledgeable. We found that nothing is a problem and we have had fantastic experience with them. 

2019-08-02 08:06:30

Hi Paul,

We bought our Thorn Raven Discovery Tandem from SJS and they were very helpful. We were able to loan a tandem for a long weekend which we took to Exmoor and on our return discussed frame size and customising. We had a lot of fun cycle touring our Tandem. Regrettably, my husband passed away last year and now our Tandem is for sale. I've attached details. Once you have  discussed and decided what you want, and if it is still available, you might wish to view and test ride the bike. 

Best Wishes

Alastair Gibson2019-08-02 09:16:09

I'd just like to echo Alan's comments; we went to Gargrave last week and can thoroughly recommend the small team at JD Tandems. An excellent experience and highly knowledgeable.

Paul Cooper2019-08-02 10:49:44

Karin: couldn't see the detals of your tandem? Could you maybe email me? paul.cooper"at"  (insert @ as appropriate in email! Changed to avoid spam bots!)



Britta2019-08-03 10:01:25

Hi Karin, I can’t see details of your thorn raven for sale... does it have s and s couplings? 

Britta Bayman

2019-08-05 08:40:58

Hi Britta,

I'm sorry you can't see the details. I will have to contact the web master. No it doesn't have ss couplings.

Best Karin