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rear rack on Dawes discovery

Mick Tozer2019-07-17 06:44:38

Hi. We have a problem with the rear rack on our Dawes Discovery which we use to give visually impaired and other folks unable to ride solo a taste of cycling.

Two of our regulars are 5'2" and 6'1" respectively.The frame is a 21/17"

We cant get the saddle low enough at the back without taking the rack off.I could probably modify the rack in some way but wondered if there was a different rack we could get or another tidy solution.

We want to keep the paniers as they are high viz and have our logo on too,plus they are so handy!

Any help appreciated.


Achim Gloger2019-07-17 09:56:00

There are several easy solutions to this:



3. Get the riders on a correctly-sized tandem



Good luck,


Mick Tozer2019-07-17 19:44:42

Well thanks. Interesting stuff. The problem is with the rack though.The riders are accommodated within the seat post adjustment,not a perfect bike fit,but we have to compromise owing to the nature of what we do. 


Chris Lee2019-07-18 13:11:38

We have a Dawes Discovery (Pretty sure it’s 21/17 as well) and use Tubus Cargo rack. 

While I think it would be tight to get the seat all the way down as is; the poles that attach to the top of the seatstays have quite a lot of adjustment to slide the rack towards the rear.

We also have a couple of bits of metal attached to the ‘legs’ at the bottom of the rack, where they would normally bolt to the bike to move the rack back ~15mm to clear our disk-brake calliper / Bob trailer hitch.

Perhaps you could find a rack that enables some adjustment where it attaches to the top seatstay like ours, and fabricate a couple of bits of metal to put on the legs to move the rack more to the rear?

I think our rack has the official Tubus extension piece, ( ) but you might be better with a custom piece to allow you to shift the rack further back as required.

Hopefully you can see what I mean from the photos, we seem to have parked up at a neon-disco tonight!!!


Chris Lee2019-07-18 13:12:59
Chris Lee2019-07-18 13:13:34
Mick Tozer2019-07-18 18:18:14

Thanks Chris,that's exactly the information we need.

Thank you for taking the time to take and post pictures too.Brilliant!