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Tandem Rim for rear wheel.

August 20192018-11-08 06:08:29

Having problems with a Velocity Aeroheat rear rim, aluminium cracking on side wall. 

Need a rim 26 inch 40 hole. Any recommendations, 



Chris Peachey2018-11-08 13:16:47

Hi Stephen

I don’t have any specific reccomdations as it seems availability is very limited. JD Cycles in UK do have a 40hole 26” (un-branded) and they would probably post one to you.
Also try the USA websites as they do have stuff not available in the UK.
I bought some Velocity rims from a shop in Colchester, UK but they had imported them from Australia.
Good Luck
Stuart Hibberd2018-11-08 13:39:13

Hi Stephen I had a similar problem with a pair of Velocity Chukker rims. I contacted Velocity in the USA directly and they replaced both rims for free, the rear was 3 years old when it failed and the front lasted a bit longer and was about 4 years old when it failed.

I now have NoBS rims but these do not seem to come in 40 hole. Their recomendation for a tandem is either Dyad, Chukker or Atlas which all come in 40 hole.

Mark Silver2018-11-08 14:37:39

I've used the Ryde/Rigida Sputnik rims on rears of tandems and triplets without problems. Compared with the latest high-fashion rims, they're boringly square looking, but work well. A quick Google trawl shows them hard to find in 40 hole though. This unknown to me shop lists them

August 20192018-11-09 10:58:00


Hello, thankyou all for your assistance so far.

Unable to source Rigida Ryde Sputnick 26 40 hole rim through, SJS Cycles have a brand Koga KM19 rim 40 hole 26 inch, does anyone know how relaible is this brand, also where manufactured.

The only brands available in Australia with 40 hole rim 26 inch is the Velocity Brand, Chukker or Cliffhanger.   





August 20192018-11-20 03:17:27

Hi All

Thanks for the imformation supplied in respose to my request for help to source 40 hole 26 inch rims.

Just received Qty 3  40 hole Koga KM19  26 inch rims from SJS cycles, the rims look great and were carefully/professionally packaged for international airfreight.

Intend to replace both front and rear Velocity Aeroheat rims, for safety reasons even though they are less than 12 months old.

Kind Regards

Stephen Robinson




Daniel Lim2019-05-26 21:07:51

Rear Wheel to a 10 years old Dawes Galaxy, 48 holes with disc now in workshop. If I need to change a new wheel, which I hope I don´t need to.

Is there a lot of difference between 40 holes and 48 holes?  Beside that how could we get club members discount from our U.K online shopping?