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Seeing behind!

Mick Tozer2018-11-06 19:46:51

More advice for a newbie please,I can't see past my stoker,who is blind,and s big bloke,do you use a mirror please?




2018-11-07 11:12:49

Interested in this thread. I have exactly the same issue, in that I cannot see beyond my stoker wife, but who is not a big bloke. Considering mirrors perhaps on front forks or handlebar. Early days. 

Karen Petty2018-11-07 11:38:03

Stoker and I both have a rear view mirror on our hsndlebars,  they enable us to keep an eye on traffic behind us without constantly looking over our shoulders.  When we need to manoeuvre,  turn etc., Karen still looks round to double check the mirror and I look for last minute over takers, people coming out of side roads etc.  They're a useful aid, but definitely not a replacement for looking around.  Hope this helps,  Dave P.

Peter Meers2018-11-07 11:49:10

I use a mirror mounted under the outside end of the right hand handlebar. Had to move it from right to left when we went to France :)

There are numerous mirror options including helmet mounted (a friend uses one on his solo bike and loves it) and armband style ones. 

They are a small investment for added safety.

On the down side,  I find I sometimes miss seeing traffic coming up behind me unless I am constantly glancing at the mirror. I think an advantage of a helmet mounted one could be it remains in your peripheral vision  however it may not allow you to see past your stoker. At least the handlebar mount is wide enough to see past my stokers.

Some food for thought.


February 20202018-11-07 17:26:51

My Stoker uses a handlebar-end mounted mirror and I trust her judgement most of the time. As Captain I do have a mirror mounted on the drops of my handlebars, however I cannot see past the stoker most of the time. I have never tried the helmet mounted mirror.

Given the importance of the rear view to the Captain with a blind Stoker, I would like to see a rear-view camera to display the view on the navi. Does it exist?

Mick Tozer2018-11-07 17:43:52

Thanks for all the help and suggestions,I think we need to experiment with all the ideas really,I have never used mirrors,but by the sounds of it they will solve most of our concerns. Whatever we do there is no real substitute for a look over the shoulder though....


Michael Hughes2018-11-09 00:18:44

I recently saw an ad from an online supplier for a camera intended for cars. There were two unusual features. The overall package of the 'discrete' camers resembled a small hand torch and thedevice was intended for use with a mobile phone. Granted it might need a 12V supply but a small battery should suffice.

What can see ahead could probably be adapted to fit behind the stoker to give a view of what is happening behind.

I have tried bike mounted mirrors with only limited success.

With respect to looking behind I once had the disconcerting experience of riding pillion on a motorbike with a rider who looked under his arm at the traffic behind

before making a turn.

Mick Tozer2018-11-09 06:30:45

The rear facing camera option sounds interesting,frsnkly whatever helps to keep you safe,Probably a combination of all the options,but there will never be a substitute for a good look behind I fear!

Martyn Aldis2018-11-12 15:11:07

I have B+M Cycle Star bar end mirrors on most of my drop bar bikes including two tandems one with STI levers the other with Campag Ergos.  I've yet to find a good way of fitting a mirror to our recently aquired tandem that has bar end gear levers.

With the small stemless B+M mirror just inside the end of the bars I can see past my stoker and the mirror is safe when the bike is parked against a wall. Using the mirror like this rules out a wide saddle bag. For touring we use a Carradice Cadet saddle bag which is like a Nelson but without the side pockets.

On our flat bar tandem I use a larger Mirrycle Mountain mirror and fold it in when I park the bike. I have smashed a few of these over the years but they are more robust than most.

Other mirrors I've tried have been inadequate in use and/or very short lived.

On roads with multiple lanes I do try to always look back over my shoulder as well before pulling out but find the mirror lets me keep up much better on traffic behind including the types of vehicle and speed of closing.



Mick Tozer2018-11-12 18:28:04

Thanks Martyn,that's helpful and very specific,just what's needed! 

Duncan Summers2018-11-13 14:16:33


Have come a bit late to this thread.

I do not have a blind stoker but after several attempts, my stoker finds that a Myrrycle mirror which is a bar end mirror is best. It has a 75mm diameter mirror mounted at the end of a 75mm extension which helps to give extra distance off the centre of the bike. She also likes her handle bars rotated to give better visibility

There is no reason why the mirror cannot be mounted on the front handlebars except if you have bar end changers.

Duncan  S

Mick Tozer2018-11-13 22:47:43

Thanks Duncan looks like a decent mirror is the way to go. 

Mick Tozer2018-11-13 22:47:43

Thanks Duncan looks like a decent mirror is the way to go. 

February 20202018-11-19 17:48:08

Charles Kendall

I have just invested in a pair of Trieye glasses ( after seeing a video on Youtube about the startup. They are a pair of cycling glasses with 3 sets of lenses, for bright sun, not sunny and the 3rd I don't remember (probably to look cool in). One of the lenses, right or left depoending on which side of the road you drive has a small adjustable mirror built into the lens. They cost 99 euros. I just got them today and have not yet tried them out on the road. Check-out the website and the Youtube video.

Mick Tozer2018-11-20 06:46:43

Thanks Charles,that looks very innovative!

February 20202019-07-18 19:57:12

Charles Kendall

I have actually only now just tried out the Trieye glasses. For your 99 euros you get a set of sunglasses with the mirror, 2 extra set of lenses, one darkened and one clear but both with a mirror. You also get a spare set of screws and a spare set of side arms (or whatever those things are called). All of this in a nice padded box. 

What are they like to use? 

Luckily my good eye is my left eye and we do all our cycling on the right in continental Europe, so the mirror is on the left lense. Thats works ok for me. You have to adjust the mirror lense position to show almost nothing of the wearer and of course the stoker. Some Captains may have to swap their stoker for a smaller size model! One thing I find is a problem is judging speed and distance of anything you see in the mirror; I think this is normally done by the brain based on stereo vision not mono. I am still playing with it but at 99 euros I think they are a really good deal.