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In desperate need of a Quad

Angus Young2018-08-16 13:25:56

Hello All,

Im part of a team of Brits who are about to take part in the Quad tandem world champs, A race down the west coast of America from Portland to San Franscisco. The purpose of this race is to raise funds and awarness for mental health charities.

From this trips inception months ago Rodriguez bikes in Seattle had agreed to build us a bike however they have now told us that they will be unable to do so. This leaves us up Sh*t creak without a paddle as we are due to start the event in 4 weeks on the 15th of september. 

We are in desperate need of a quad as we have spend the last few months fundraising and gathering sponsorship and have now been hung out to dry. Does anybody know anyone who has one that we could borrow/loan/buy/beg for the month of september. we would pay for all insurance and any upgrades needed and anything else as we have zero options. Additionally if anyone knows an experianced bike builder with lots of time on thier hands and who wants a challange that would also be great :)

All the best,



Alan MacDonald2018-08-20 08:23:26

Angus, please give Gary at BSpoke Cycles in Peebles a call. There was a charity ride on a quin a few years ago. I believe that the bike had S&S couplings and might be able to be converted into a quad. Gary has the back section in his shop and should be able to source the rest.