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identify old tandem frame?

Nicholas Dennis2018-07-31 17:53:00

This was given to me by a friend from Australia about 40 years ago. It was given to him by Jim Duckham, now deceased, of Duckham oils, who used to live near Reading.

It has a SA 3 speed and rear drum brake, plus cantilevers that clamp onto the frame. The wheels are not original, I had new ones made (incorporating the rear hub) about 20 years ago.

I have used this a few times over the years, never very successfully. It has spent most of the time under a tarpaulin. Now I want either to get it working and use it or sell it. So I'd welcome any tips on 1. what the make might be (it has been repainted before I acquired it) 2.what it might be worth if I sold it 3. the best approach to getting it useable (which of the original components to keep and which to replace etc) 

Nick Dennis