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Transporting a tandem

Wayne Thompson2017-06-07 19:38:30

Hi, I am taking part in a charity bike ride and have to transport a tandem to London for a ride back to Staffordshire. I was wondering if anyone has any advice/experience of travelling on London Midland trains, using a courier or van hire into Central London. Thanks

Monika Juergens2017-06-29 17:12:55

Not sure this helps:
I've so far always been able to get a tandem on a train when I tried (mostly Great Western), though sometimes it needed some persuasion of the staff.

Alternatively: I recently bought a tandem on Ebay and had it couriered from Flintshire to Oxfordshire using "Shiply" In case you're not familiar with Shiply (I wasn't): the way it works is that you post the details of what you want sent and couriers come back with offers. I think they can see what their competitors offered, so it becomes a sort of reverse bidding war. The first offers I received were over £100, but the cost seemed to settle down at about £50 and at that price I then had several couriers to choose from.

Andy Griffin2018-02-11 10:44:53

If you just need a bike or tandem, or anything else large posted, Paisley Frieght is quite good and very reasonable. I’ve used them several times. You book a slot for it to be collected, pay around £25-30 for a bike which must be boxed or well wrapped and that’s it. Sorry I can’t help with your problem but this info may come in useful sometime.