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Bonn to Mainz

Michael Bowery2018-02-27 10:51:05


Im cycling/caming from Bonn to Mainz May 2018

A short cycle camping trip with excursions into the country side

But - im having great difficlauty booking campsites

Ive been online for hours and sen coutess e mails but with limited response

Has anyone got any advice tips or contacts plz


Andy Griffin2018-02-28 13:45:28

Unfortunately at this time of the year most campsites are closed so you won’t get many replies. The main difficulties are actually finding campsites open . We’ve travelled Europe in low season for many years and find the ACSI camping card website useful. They list sites opening dates, facilities and information about the area. Very few that are open will be full. ACSI is a Dutch company that specialise in low season camper van and caravan tourists so could be helpful. Don’t worry about booking , especially in May . The sites in Europe are usually more friendly and helpful than in the UK. Good luck and best wishes with you trip. Andy

February 20192018-02-28 18:55:21

I checked a few Campsites and they seem to open 2nd week of April or early May. They will all certainly be open in May because of all the Bank Holidays we have in Germany in May. I doubt for a tent and tandem, you would have a problem getting a camping place without a reservation in May. Would be worth trying to reserve at least a day or two before you arrive at the camping then at least you beat the others that have not reserved. I hope you are not a light sleeper, every Motorbiker in Europe rides down the Rhine at some time in their short lives and there is a constant stream of passenger and freight trains close by on both sides of the river.