For Sale: Cannondale mountain tandem - excellent condition

By: Chris Lewis
Telephone: 07824 360747
Location: West London (Chiswick)
Listing ends on: Saturday 15th October 2022
Price: £950

A very well maintained black medium sized Cannondale mountain bike tandem, approximately 8 years old with moderate mileage.

Frame      Back crank center to top tube 41cm
                Front crank Centre to top tube 47cm
                Front crank to top of handle bars 88cm

Rims. Sunrims Rhinolite
Hubs.    Rear DT Swiss. Front Shimano
Triple Chainring
Cassette. 9 speed
Pedal flat on the rear and reversible mtb/flat on the front
Shifters and mech’s Shimano XT throughout 
Brakes - Magura hydraulic 
Rear carrier
Mud guards

Current captain 6’3” and stoker 5’ 9”.  This is the maximum height for the captain.

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