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International Tandem Rally 2009

Appelscha, Friesland, Netherlands

Saturday, 1st - Saturday, 8th August 2009

The Event

ITR 2009 logo

ITR 2009 logo

The International Tandem Rally in 2009 will be organised in Appelscha, from the 1st of August until the 8th of August 2009. Site:“RCN de Roggeberg”. The camping offers a lot of facilities. We will have a field of our own, caravans, campers and tents, situated around the HQ with ample possibilities to rent houses on the adjacent field.

Appelscha is situated in the northern part of the Netherlands, on the edge of Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe. De Roggeberg is located in the woods on the edge of the national park ”Het Drents-Friese Wold”. It is indeed a beautiful area for cycling. Forest, moor, and farms.

As normal we will have short, medium and long rides. Also available are a lot of activities for children. Don’t forget to bring a passport photograph for the swimming pool admittance. On Tuesday evening we will have a selection of tandem builders on site, and also a “bring and buy”. Wednesday will be the day off. We are still thinking about a nice outing.

To get to the rally, coach / truck transport will be organised from Hook of Holland (arrival 07.45 hrs.) and Rotterdam (arrival 09.00hrs.) and visa versa.

(Departure from campsite 10.00 hrs.)

We rented a separate field on the campsite, just for the ITR. We will have a big HQ/marquee in the centre of our field, with chairs and tables. After a day's ride coffee and tea will be available in the HQ. In the evening we will run a small bar, so nobody will have an excuse not coming to the HQ!

The booking fee and the booking of the pitches for tents, caravans, motor homes will run through the organisation.

T-shirts with the rally logo will be available in the following sizes:

Adult shirt sizes Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large will be available

Clarification of 'T' shirts sizes as shown in the Tandem Club Journal: -

Sizes are length by width so 22" x17" is small with 34" chest (Size is as "T" shirt laid flat)

Small 22 x 17 = 34" Chest

Medium 24 x 18 = 36" Chest

Large 25 x 21 = 42" Chest

Extra Large 26 x 23 = 46" Chest

XX large 28 X 25 = 50" Chest

Notes on using the RCN de Roggeberg website

To view the website in English - once you have arrived at the site, click on 'english' at the extreme top of the page. You will now be on the RCN main site. To get to de Roggeberg, go to the map of the Netherlands on the left hand side of the page and click on the most northerly green spot.


Bungalows can be booked straight away with the campsite. Please mind that in August the campsite will be full, so don’t wait too long with your bookings! For information about the bungalows see: We could only take an option for 5 bungalows: these bungalows are available from Saturday to Saturday.

3 x 4-person bungalow, and 2 x 6-person bungalow. Bookings to be made through “de Roggeberg”. These bungalows are situated on the campsite. Adjacent to our field (walking distance) there is a golf club, renting out bungalows.(price wise it makes sense to share) For details look on: and click on “de Hildenberg”. If you have problems with the site you can call “de Roggeberg” directly.

Bookings to be made through “de Roggeberg”.

Important Notes

  1. Child rates quoted apply to those 3 or over and under 18 on 1stAugust2009.
  2. The Rally fee covers the costs incurred in arranging the rally. This includes equipment costs, evening event costs, postage and printing of route instructions plus all the other bits and pieces to make it all happen.
  3. Note that not all pitches are provided with 4 amp, electric hook up.
  4. The fee for coach transport includes the return trip and tandem transport by truck.

Booking Procedure

  1. If possible, please use online booking form. This will calculate the total price and enter all of your information into the events database saving the organisers some time and improving accuracy. There are instructions at the top of the online booking form on how to use it and the available methods of payment.
  2. If it is not possible to use the on-line form, please complete the postal form (see below) and send it, with a cheque made out to the "Tandem Club" for the correct amount, to: Tony Prichard, 1 Poltondale, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN3 5BN. UK. It is also possible to pay using an online bank transfer, the online booking form has details for this.

Booking Form - only use this form if you really cannot use the online system (see above)

Please print a copy of the Booking Form by clicking on one of the links below. Complete the form by hand and send it with your cheque to the address on the form.

We have 2 versions of the Booking Form, as follows: -

* Graphic format: simply click on the link below. Note that the form may look a little odd on screen but your printer should handle it fine so long as you set it to print in portrait.

Click here for the Graphic Booking Form

* PDF format: you will need a copy of Adobe Reader on your computer and you can follow the link below to download a copy if you need it.

Click here for the PDF Booking Form

Download a copy of Adobe Reader by clicking here.

map showing location of Appelscha

If you have queries about this event, please contact Tony Prichard