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Robert Bending2023-05-29 06:30:07tci2023

I have a track pump that will fit a car valve.

Richard Harman2023-05-29 07:38:04tci2023

Thanks to everyone who offered a pump. Elisabeth and Richard

Gerald and Sue Davison2023-05-29 21:26:11tci2023

Sorry... bit late with spotting this. I have an electric car tyre inflator. Plugs into "cigarette lighter" socket. Pitch 57, blue camper van.

Phil Harmer2023-05-30 05:53:04tci2023

I have uploaded a new version of the route 665 NE-S 53k Le Faouet to the club's Rides system which you can get on the Attendees Information page. It avoids a potentially dangerous gravel section. If you have any other routes chnages you would recommend please either post them on the rally news feed or send them to tci2023@tandem-club.org.uk

Phil Harmer2023-05-30 05:55:35tci2023

Tuesday Evening at 7pm in the marquee get your clogs on for the Breton Barn Dance. Bring your own drinks.

Phil Harmer2023-05-30 05:59:15tci2023

Linda Rowe is kindy running a gentle exercise session in the marquee every morning at 08:45. All welcome. Prepare your body for the arduous coffee stops later in the day.

Phil Harmer2023-05-30 06:02:21tci2023

As the Cavalcade is now over, I believe that all the access restrictions around Scaer will be gone from this morning (Tuesday).

Phil Harmer2023-05-30 07:29:45tci2023

Problem with the SE-S, SE-M and SE-L (668/669/670) routes 5km before you return to Scaer. The current GPX tracks go through what has recently become private property. There is more information and a map on the Attendees Information webpage. I will add updated GPX tracks to the Rides system when they become available and let you know.

Katherine Barnes2023-05-30 14:54:52tci2023
Friday Supper

If anyone is driving to the supper on Friday night and has a spare seat in their car, would you be willing/able to take Bill as he is unable to cycle at the moment. I would like to cycle to the event if possible. Many thanks Katherine 

Brian Newton2023-05-30 15:59:36tci2023

Friday night meal - 2 x tickets available, £20 each, contact Bri pitch 25. Available due to unforeseen circumstances

Phil Harmer2023-05-30 22:52:14tci2023

I have now updated the GPX/TCX tracks for the SE-S, SE-M and SE-L rides in the Rides database. I have also added a list of all the changes to the routes since the start of the rally to the top of the Attendees Information webpage for easy reference.

Phil Harmer2023-05-31 07:47:20tci2023

Wednesday 7:30pm: Back by popular demand: Lynda will re-run her introduction to the Komoot app

Phil Harmer2023-05-31 10:21:05tci2023

Has anybody got a spare 26" tyre they could sell to Brian Ellis (NZ)? His tyre has a split.

Gerald and Sue Davison2023-05-31 10:31:44tci2023

We currently have 5 people who want to use a taxi to go to the Friday night dinner. If anyone else wants to do this we can look into a people carrier or a mini bus. Andy at the site will arrange it. We are going to book this evening (Wednesday).

Gerald and Sue Davison2023-05-31 10:33:51tci2023

Sorry... message went too soon! To contact us send a text to +447545242052, indicating a name and number of persons. Or see us when we get back later on pitch 57.

Duncan Faulkes2023-05-31 15:18:01tci2023

Hi Phil I’m in decathlon at the moment if Brian wants to call me about the tyre. Duncan 07816464302

Peter Weeks2023-06-01 05:08:17tci2023

Thurs eve from 7pm social in marquee plus later appearance of mystery Celtic musician. Bring a bottle and yourselves. Peter

Emma Hanson2023-06-02 13:36:51tci2023

I've found a phone in a blue case in the marquee, we've got it at pitch 52 (next to the marquee)

Emma Hanson2023-06-02 13:36:56tci2023

I've found a phone in a blue case in the marquee, we've got it at pitch 52 (next to the marquee) Emma

Phil Harmer2023-06-02 16:05:53tci2023

FOUND: Mobile phone. Contact Phil (pitch 27) to get it back