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Iggy Pont Lezica2024-03-28 10:50:24tce2024

How is the weather there today? I checked and it was forecast to be very gusty,not ideal for setting up a tent! I'm pondering whether to arrive tomorrow after the worst of it, am I overthinking it?

Phil Harmer2024-03-28 11:24:55tce2024

I cycled to the campsite at 9:16 this morning, just before the heavy rain. It did not strike me as particularly windy when cycling. It did become gusty when the heavy rain came in though. So I think as long as you pitch during the sunny periods this afternoon/evening you should be OK.

Phil Harmer2024-03-28 13:35:01tce2024

The earlier crash on the A34 south bound around Newbury has now been cleared - Google shows traffic flowing normally again. 

Mike Paddick2024-03-28 15:42:06tce2024

For various reasons, we plan on doing the shortest ride tomorrow (29 miles?). Is anyone else planning to follow that route?

Mike Paddick2024-03-28 15:42:10tce2024

For various reasons, we plan on doing the shortest ride tomorrow (29 miles?). Is anyone else planning to follow that route?

Mike Paddick2024-03-28 15:42:16tce2024

For various reasons, we plan on doing the shortest ride tomorrow (29 miles?). Is anyone else planning to follow that route?

Phil Harmer2024-03-28 22:20:57tce2024

The West & South routes travel over a ford near the campsite. This was in full flow on Thursday afternoon, but Tim (on the tractor this afternoon) said it normally recedes within 24 hours, so I expect it will be OK by Saturday. There is an alternative route that goes south through Ecchinswell then heads west just as you leave Ecchinswell. I cycled that route this evening and it was OK.

Kevin Hughes2024-03-29 07:14:19tce2024

Just a thought. Should we discuss with the tractor driver about drawing up a booking sheet for tow outs? I guess some attendees will be leaving Sunday evening given the forecast for Monday. Maybe have time slots on the sheet,

Kevin Hughes2024-03-29 07:17:11tce2024

Just insert name and pitch number. Circulate sheet tonight and tomorrow?

Marcus Benton2024-03-29 12:54:58tce2024

Hello. Has anyone found a fluorescent yellow helmet rain-cover please. Lost this morning (Good Friday).

Phil Harmer2024-03-29 17:13:33tce2024

If you are taking a car to the social tonight, pleasd consider offering a lift. I have 4 spaces left on my second run, after Tony+Janet

Phil Harmer2024-03-29 17:14:24tce2024

Stop press ig is around 2 miles to the hall. There is plenty of parking

Phil Harmer2024-03-29 17:14:54tce2024

Please bring a glass or mug with you.

Phil Harmer2024-03-30 07:46:42tce2024

If anyone is going to the International at Veere and has space to take the Tandem Games kit with them, that would be really helpful. I can bring it back, but cannot take it out (the current Mrs Harmer has been very clear on that). Please speak to me this evening. Phil Harmer.

Phil Harmer2024-03-30 07:47:17tce2024

As I mentioned last night, please do consider dropping in at the Blackbird Cafe in Chapel Row, RG7 6PD today. They kindly put on an extra member of staff for us yesterday. The food and cakes are delicious! They will be serving hot food until 2pm today, and will close at 3pm. The EM, EMP and EL routes alll go through Chapel Row. You can find it as you turn south by the Bladebone Inn.

Phil Harmer2024-03-30 10:52:32tce2024

Warning: EM, EMP, EL rides flooded beteween Ufton Green and the A4. It is about 300m long and 1 foot at it deepest. I suggest change route to get to the A4 at Padworth

Phil Harmer2024-03-30 11:36:54tce2024

The Padworth route is all dry. Aim for Padworth Common up at the top, then from there head down to Padworth.

Phil Harmer2024-03-30 22:23:06tce2024

The West routes all go via Adbury ford (see attached screenshot of route). We drove over this route this evening. The water has receded below the ford now and it is entirely passable. Beyond the ford, the road has a lot of muddy debris on it. The ford route is 3.7 miles from the campsite to Sandham memorial chapel. There is an alternative route - see my next post

Phil Harmer2024-03-30 22:23:49tce2024

The alternative route is 5.2 miles from the campsite to Sandham Memorial chapel. Whilst there are still potholes, the road is clearer.

Phil Harmer2024-03-30 22:27:32tce2024

Janet & John Roberts lost a roll-up tool kit today - black & sized like a glasses case. It likely dropped off their bike near the Honesty Cafe, Greenham Common. If you see the tool roll, please let Janet or John know.