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Phil Harmer2022-04-06 23:05:11tce2022
TCE2022 Easter rally routes email sent out

The TCE2022 Easter Rally routes and information have been sent out by email - if you have not received the email contact: tce2022@tandem-club.org.uk

Neil Wheadon2022-04-12 13:11:45tce2022

For those going on the Easter Rally can I encourage you to look at the route you are going to do on the Rides section of the website for which the only prerequisite is that you need to log in to your account. Rides is in the dropdown menu on both info and events. The route is laid out and each icon is interactive so you can see what you will be passing and if you fancy stopping there. In the screen shot below I have illustrated one of the rides and by clicking on an icon you can see what's there. Further details and a picture is revealed if you click on the name from this link. There is also a website address for that place as well I have gone through each of the Easter routes and all have been done to this standard. If you are suitably inspired and you fancy adding places to your area, then please do consider it. I've added over 5000 places now as well as over 500 routes (all are a good quality)

David Ross2022-04-12 13:32:02tce2022

Thanks Neil, but I’m getting an error saying that only members of the group TCE2022 can access it.

Terry Barnaby2022-04-12 17:30:28tce2022

Hi David, you accidently had a second duff login account. I have deleted that so you should be able to access.

Phil Harmer2022-04-16 08:48:58tce2022
TCE2022 Temporary road closures affecting DSR & DMR routes

There are 2 temporary road closures. Both are short and can be passed on the pavement if you don't have a trike or trailer.

The first is just outside Bicester on the way to Launton. The pavement isn't too narrow here.

The second is in Enstone. Best to follow the diversion signs when you reach Enstone, by turning left/south onto the B4022 instead of going straight on, then pick up the route on the A44 heading left/south-east. You would need to turn right/north-west on the A46 to reach the lunch stop.

Thanks to Malcolm Gammon.