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Ian and Lisa Warren2023-09-17 11:53:51Taunton
September 2023 Report
September 2023 Report

A tango of 6 tandems and 12 tandemists cycled the September ride from Taunton out to Wiveliscombe. This was forecast as the last day of the exceptional September Heat wave.  Instead we were waiting for the starting cafe to open in heavy rain thunder and lightning. But that just washed and cooled Somerset ready for our journey. We cycled through fresh and cheerful lanes with very little traffic. Approaching Wiveliscombe we found roads that no tandem has ever been down before, potholes the size of craters, grass down the middle as high as an elephant’s eye, and hills that climbed right up to the sky – Oh, what a beautiful morning…! 
It was the day of Wiveliscombe street fair, with a plethora of stalls and live music and crowds of happy people. The sun reached its zenith, temperatures broke all records and we evaporated as we ate a hot roast lunch outside the Bear Inn. With a sprinkling of luck we managed to glide back to Taunton.  Another great day with tandem friends.

Nick and Rachel Warner