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Pauline Hayward2021-04-10 21:52:30Kent

Dear friends As Disabilities Liaison Officer, Mark Noble received the following request from Madleen. I know we are still in lockdown, but when things open up again, I really would love to actively participate in riding tandems in a group near me! Gravesend DA12 5D! I’m happy to get to wherever possible, but I really would like to make this work > So I am contacting you, can you help? I am a totally blind person, really eager to get out and about after all this time! working from home for a year now, has its disadvantages! :-) > I would really appreciate, if someone could contact me, my telephone number: (07795) 226569 > > Warm regards, > madleen Mark has replied to her with regards to how the club and our section works.. But is there is anyone who would be willing to help her participate in tandem riding? If you are able to help please contact Madleen directly email and phone number below.