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Hi All,

Welcome to the Yorkshire Group page. Please feel free to use it as a bulletin board or as a way to contact other members in the area. You are welcome to contact me directly if you want to discuss anything tandem or are thinking of leading a group ride/meet up.


Nigel Hood2023-05-11 16:42:41Yorkshire

Hi, just rejoined after a long absence and having a look round the site. Is it still used? I'm doing a tandem ride with two other tandems on the 25th of june that I'm happy to open up to others.

tim colling2023-05-12 11:43:53Yorkshire

Hello Yes we could be up for ride out. I'm based in marske by the sea. Cheers tim and sophie

Paul Blake2023-05-12 12:19:41Yorkshire

Hi all we're un Leeds , have you got any date's in mind

chris ferguson2023-05-12 17:27:00Yorkshire

David and Chris Ferguson Yorkshire. We live in Saltburn By The Sea where are you thinking of starting from?

Paul Jackson2023-05-12 20:18:53Yorkshire

We live near York and would be interested in moderately challenging rides not too far away. Can't make the 25th June for a ride unfortunately.

John Roberts2023-05-13 20:48:10Yorkshire

Hi we would be interested in joining others for a ride, at the moment 25th June is ok. We live in Otley depending where the rise is we are prepared to travel

John Roberts2023-05-13 20:48:55Yorkshire

John &Jjanet Roberts

Edmund Eade2023-05-14 21:05:05Yorkshire

The weekend of 23-25th June is York Cycle Rally weekend. See www.yorkrally.org. or for more details call 07467 321443. Camoing available all weekend.

Edmund Eade2023-05-14 21:06:08Yorkshire

Camping available.

Ned Prideaux2023-05-23 08:30:25Yorkshire

Very open to this in principal. We're Wakefield based but open to travelling a bit. Sadly that weekend we're committed to the tandem tart time trial (which makes us sound waaaay more serious than we are!) Have fun!

Matthew Smith2023-05-25 11:14:26Yorkshire

We live in York and would be interested in meeting up locally for tandem rides out.

Edmund Eade2023-06-20 11:35:40Yorkshire

There are a good selection of led rides from York Rally on the Knavesmire race coarse this weekend. PARKING IS FREE

Edmund Eade2023-06-20 11:37:38Yorkshire

6.30 Friday 8 mile ride out for Fish and chips then 8 mile return

Edmund Eade2023-06-20 11:44:19Yorkshire

Saturday and Sunday -From 9am Led rides of various lengths leaving racecoarse (pre registration required)

Edmund Eade2023-06-20 11:49:03Yorkshire

Also details at the Rally for Self led rides. see Rally website for more details - yorkrally.org

Stephen Brint2023-07-07 16:15:21Yorkshire

Hello all, I am a tandem owner living in Huddersfield and looking for someone to share it with.

Henry Dieudonne-Demaria2024-04-09 14:09:58Yorkshire

Hello everyone,

Henry Dieudonne-Demaria2024-04-09 14:11:51Yorkshire

Apologies if this isn't the right place to post, but we're Yorkshire tandem riders based in Hebden Bridge, and we are looking to give away our vintage tandem to someone who will ride, appreciate and care for her https://tandem-club.org.uk/forSale?cmd=view&id=1215

Henry Dieudonne-Demaria2024-04-09 14:13:09Yorkshire

the advert and photos are on the 'for sale' board, and I'm happy to answer any questions/chat about old tandems. as I say, it's a case of free to a good home

Henry Dieudonne-Demaria2024-04-09 14:16:39Yorkshire


Id: 427
Location: Pocklington
Postcode: YO42 2AH
Map Reference: 53.9311, -0.77788
Ride length: 67 km
Ride ease: Average
Wolds circular: Lovely 70 km day ride from Pocklington using mainly Sustrans routes and parts of the Yorkshire Wolds cycle way - with long steady climb after lunch but a manageable gradient. The well-known Millington Dale approaching Pocklington towards the end did not disappoint. Early coffee oppor ...
Id: 701
Location: BA3 5LS
Postcode: BA3 5LS
Map Reference: 54.4462, -2.45611
Ride length: 101 km
Ride ease: Average
Id: 702
Location: BA3 5LS
Postcode: BA3 5LS
Map Reference: 54.4461, -2.45598
Ride length: 68 km
Ride ease: Average

The ability to download all the rides, by a member, in a zip file will be available once the rides have been published here.