International Group of The Tandem Club

Organisers Contact: Tony Prichard, Tel: 01793 520734, Email:
This is a Tandem Club regional group for non UK members.
Currently there is no organiser for this group.
As of January 2022 we have members in the following countries:
7 - Australia
1- Belgium
1- Denmark
1- Cyprus
7- France
10- Germany
3- Guernsey
1- Italy
6- Netherlands
1- New Zealand
1- Spain
2- Switzerland
5- United States
So organising a group ride is difficult. However we hope to meet some of you at one of our rallies

Carl Mattson2020-01-02 05:30:04International

After the ITR 2020 in France Carl & Julie Mattson are riding to Bordeaux, staying two nights then going by train to Nantes.    We will then ride the Atlantic Route 1 to the Spanish Boarder for 18 days.  This is a self supported ride, 40-50km per day, no long range reservations, eat when we are hungary, sleep when we are tired, enjoy the towns, the sights and the sea side.  Tandems and single bikes are welcome to join us for as short or long as you wish.

Location: BA3 5LS
Postcode: BA3 5LS
Map Reference: 49.5551, -1.54135
Ride length: 51 km
Location: BA3 5LS
Postcode: BA3 5LS
Map Reference: 49.6392, -1.62098
Ride length: 72 km
Location: Normandy
Postcode: BA3 5LS
Map Reference: 49.4155, -1.17564
Ride length: 19 km Departing from the Landing beaches, you will drive on small quiet roads, with low traffic. You can take the opportunity to adm ...

The ability to download all the rides, by a member, in a zip file will be available once the rides have been published here.