For Sale: Viking Regency small MTB style tandem

By: Dominic Lawrance (DGL)
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Location: Berkhamsted
Listing ends on: Tuesday 20th September 2022
Price: £250

Small-size Viking Regency tandem, just a few years old and in very good condition, just one or two very minor blemishes to the paintwork, which is all very glossy.  The bike was bought new for about £500, and is offered here for £250.  Although it was inexpensive, and the aluminium frame is not the lightest, it is fun to ride and the parts are surprisingly good quality.  It is versatile, as it is fine on the road but can also happily tackle woodland tracks etc.  There is a very wide range of gears (which you need!).  We added butterfly bars, as the pilot's riding position was originally a little uncomfortable / "congested" - the butterfly bars greatly aid comfort and suit the relaxed feel of the bike.  The bike would suit a stoker who is a very small adult or an older child.  There is however quite a lot of flexibility re the saddle height at the rear.  The numerous bottle cages attached to the bike are all included, as are the pedals.

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