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ITR 2015 Campsite


For Sale: Hase Pino Allround

By: Iain Mackay
Telephone: 01794 368207
Location: Romsey, Hampshire
Listing ends on: Wednesday 15th August 2018
Price: £2350

Hase Pino Allround tandem, hybrid design with recumbent position for stoker on front, conventional position for captain on rear (  Ideal design for anyone riding with children or with a stoker who cannot easily ride in a conventional position.  Purchased July 2011 from JD Tandems (  
This design has the distinct advantage that the stoker’s head is only just ahead of the captain’s position, so conversation is possible and the stoker has a more interesting view than the captain’s backside.
We have used this machine for numerous rides with our local club, including tours of parts of the Somerset South Circular and the Isle of Wight.  Reason for sale:  we are swapping for a new Pino with the Shimano STEPS e-bike system, as the hills are becoming a bit much for us without assistance. 
The bike splits into two parts for transport.  This process takes around 15 minutes, although with practice this can be shortened (see this video for a demonstration, although I think my own procedure has fewer operations in it!).
Specification is as per standard factory issue when purchased.  
Wheels 26” rear, 20” front.  Tyres Schwalbe Marathon.
Front fork suspension Spinner Grind I. 
Gears Shimano Deore Tiagra, front 28-38-48, rear 11-13-15-17-20-23-26-30-34.  Shimano bar end shifters and Ergo grips.
Crankset Stronglight, with integrated freewheel permitting the stoker to freewheel while the poor old captain keeps pedalling…  Cranks 170 rear, 155 front.
Brakes Avid Code R hydraulic.
Lights Busch & Müller Dymotec bottle dynamo, front lamp AXA Basta Sprint Steady, rear lamp B&M Toplight Flat Plus, which includes a standing LED that cuts in when stationary.
Colour red.
Sold as seen with the exception of:  saddle (new Pino saddle will be supplied in place of my Brooks B17);  pedals (new Pino standard pedals will be supplied as we shall keep the Shimano SPDs).  Many photos available.