For Sale: Thorn Me N U 2 Triplet Tandem

By: Oliver S
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Location: Harrogate
Listing ends on: Saturday 25th June 2022
Price: £1150

Replace the family car with a Thorn Triple Tandem. Great for a few years until the kids are too big. It currently has a electric drive front Hub on it. This is a top on the range light weight Cytronex electric motor on it that I use on full power around town or for boosting the odd hill on longer rides it has a fast charger and also high quality lights linked to the system. I had advertised it at £2300 with that but I have decided to probably take this off the bike hence the reduction in price. Unless anyone particularly wants it on there and will pay the higher price. The bike has front and rear racks an old fashioned air horn and bell, new high quality tyres so you can make lots of noise and keep going fast! It has full gearing and a non electric front wheel as well should you wish to move the system off this bike to another bike but I would leave it where it is. I have towed all the shopping in a trailer with two kids on as well and there are no issues with it. Your kids will need to be slightly different sizes ie a few years apart so they fit on. You can see pictures of us here riding off-road near the beach and on road. There's also a roof rack which was made for the bike which comes with it but I recommend you collect with a van. It's been amazing but house improvements and growing kids mean it has to go this year. 

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