For Sale: Vintage Bob Jackson Reynolds 531 Tandem

By: John Pringle
Telephone: 01873 821881
Listing ends on: Tuesday 2nd March 2021
Price: £750

Bespoke 531 frame from 1982 by Bob Jackson for 5'9/5'4 riders.

It is a beautiful bike to look at and a delight to ride and it has given so many happy memories. I am very sad to sell it but want it to be enjoyed again

Comes with a bespoke Mirit tandem roof rack - same design as adopted by Helton tanden carriers - very easy to load.

As seen it has been used for touring so relatively lightly used - a couple of weeks for 10 summers.

TA Specialitiesd triple chainset with gears down to 1:1

Shimano derailleurs

Mostly original with a hub rear brake and caltilever brakes, downtude shifters.

Has a Blackburn aluminum rack.

The wheels are true have Atom hubs, never had a spoke breakage 

I have improved it slightly since the photos were taken and it has a parking brake with a bar end shifter rather that the dual brake lever. I changed the handlebars and added a modern stem. I have the original brakelevers, bars and quill stem if you wanted to revert to the full 1980 look.  

Happy to sell the 1980s Karrimor Iberian panniers. 




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