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For Sale: SOLD!! Ryan duplex recumbent tandem

By: R.A. Everett
Telephone: 020 8491 6306
Listing ends on: Monday 2nd November 2020
Price: £800

This fine machine was built by renowned recumbent cycle maker Dick Ryan in 1995 and collected directly from him at his base in Nashua, New Hampshire USA by the current owners. Originally built for driver height 5'9" and stoker 5'6" the seat positions are easily adjustable to ± 4 inches of those measurements

The bike comes with a front fairing, Schmidt front wheel hub dynamo and lights, and racks front and rear. The seats have air cushions for maximum comfort. Braking is provided by both hydraulic brakes front and rear plus a drum brake on the rear hub. Priced at £4000 (nearer £5000 including these later additions) originally in the UK, the price now reflects a few superficial scratches to the paint work but otherwise has been well maintained and is in excellent working.

The seats are easily removed when required. Easy to transport with the front seat removed and sitting upside down on 2 roof bars. The seller lives in Woodford 9 miles north east of central London

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