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For Sale: Me'n'U2 Trandem

By: Andrew Roddham
Telephone: 07771 646 591
Location: Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire
Listing ends on: Wednesday 19th December 2018
Price: £750

This 3 seat "trandem" has provided great cycling fun for my kids when they were small, allowing us to travel greater distances and faster than was possible on their own bikes.

Originally bought as my son couldn't master balance, direction, pedalling and observation all at the same time. Now the kids are bigger, it's hardly used so it's time to pass onto another young family to enjoy.

It's a double childback 3 seat tandem although that's a not strictly true as I've had 3 adults on it. However, the rearmost one needs to be less than 5'6" tall, typically.

In good, used condition. It could be tidied a bit if someone wanted a project, or it is quite usable as it is.