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Who We Are

Picture of tandems on road

We are the club for all tandemists and would-be tandemists! If you are thinking of getting a tandem or you already know the joys of sharing a bike, congratulations you have reached the right place.

We have over 4500 members in the UK and around the world with over 40 Regional Officers who organise Tandem Club activities locally.

We put on three Club rallies every year; two in the UK and one in another European country. Details in the Club's bi-monthly Journal and Major TC Events and the What's On Guide. A wonderful way to holiday with a tandem.


  • The bi-monthly Tandem Club Journal packed with news and views on the tandeming scene. Everything for the tandem enthusiast from technical advice, maintenance and tandem touring to sales and wants.
  • A Calendar of Events - including family rides/day rides, weekend hostelling/camping and the national and international events.
  • A network of local groups organising day and weekend group rides.
  • An International Network of Members offering emergency assistance.
  • Advice for disabled or handicapped riders
  • A spoken word edition of the Journal for people who are visually handicapped.
  • Insurance cover at all Club events
  • Access to the Members Area of this web site.

You do not have to own a tandem to join. Often people join to find out about these unusual but wonderful bicycles before buying one (see Tandem Buying and Tandem Hiring).

The annual subscription is modest. Why not join the Tandem Club today? Welcome to the Club.