Website Style Guide

The general style of the website is managed by the website systems CSS files. This sets the colours, fonts borders etc of most of the website's content. It is however possible to override these for particular pages or other content such as news items. This guide provides some help on styling items to try and keep the website's style consistent.


  • Try and leave the styles to the website system and not override them.
  • Header styles (Heading 1, Heading 2 ...). Try and use Heading 3 and smaller for content. The Heading 1, Heading 2 styles should be only used for major page headings.
  • Links: Instead of using "Click here" or other such methods simply make the link of the text such as "please look at the help file". As well as a style it helps visually impaired people with screen readers access the site.

News Items

  • Please keep these short and add a new one for each item of news. The system will truncate longer news items when displaying snippets on the main pages and will order them in date order. The system will ignore older ones when displaying information on main pages.
  • Please don't add extra lines at the end of news items, otherwise they will be spaced areas on the page.


  • Please try and add titles to the pictures where possible. This helps the understanding of people and aids those using screen reader software.

What's On

  • Please use the fields provided. It allows the database to order things by ride length and area.