The 2014 Velocio Trophy and Hill Climb

The Winners

The Winners

The Velocio Trophy took place on a timed 16 mile route around the city of Bangor, Gwynedd. Clues had to be solved on the way finishing at Llanberis.

The questions and answers. Click on a picture to see an enlarged version. 

1. In what year was Huw Wheldon born? 
2. Neuadd Ogwen is school of what?
3. How many stones form the circle?
4. Complete the following.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ IS PROHIBITED AROUND _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _
5. Where does the S6 go to?
6. G H D P built the bridge when?
7. In which years were the murals painted? 
8. Beware open what?
9. How many arches has Cegin Viaduct?
10. How far to Tyn Y Ffridd?
11. What is the dog doing that should make you cautious?
12. What is the number of the Caerhun phone box?
13. What is the website address for the Cattery?
14. The bridge is called what?
15. The use of the cemetery as what is not permitted?
16. Quiz night is.........?
17. Tros Y Waen is a holiday what?
18. What is written in spanners?
19. Gwilym Owen Williams was bishop of Bangor when?
20. Give the two Arthurian names.
21. The Nook was built when?
22. What were 'born in fire and out of the sea' ?
23. Name the two parishes either side of the bridge?

24. In which year was the centenary of the North Wales Quarrymens Union?
25. According to the sign; what is the grid reference of Llyn Peris ?

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