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are obtained from: -

Ian Lambert

1, Bitterley Close


Shropshire, SY8 1XP

Telephone: 01584 873196


1. Sweat Shirt: These are royal blue dropped sleeve with the club badge embodied on the left breast. Children sizes are available but with Raglan sleeves. sizes 28, 30, 32 £12.00

sizes XS, S, M, L £22.00
2. Cartoon sweat Shirt: These are royal blue with large Johnny Helms cartoon on the front. sizes 28, 30, 32 £12.00

sizes XS, S, M, L £22.00
3. Old style pale blue sweat shirt with large club logo on front in black. Only a few left. sizes 9, 10, S, M, XL, XXL £10.00
4. White Cartoon T-shirt: sizes 28, 30, 32 £3.00

sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL £4.50
5. Blue Cartoon T-shirt:

The same design as the above with white design on blue T-shirt.
sizes 28, 30, 32 £3.00

sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL £4.50
6. Old style pale blue T-shirt with large club logo on front in black:

There are just a few left in small only.
size S £3.00
7. Tie: The club tie is dark blue with a miniature Club Badge woven at chest height. Tie ends are mitred and attractively lined. £6.00
8. Cap: Blue cap with yellow band across the top - front to back. Tandem Club written on each side. £6.00
9. Journal Binder: These neat dark blue binders hold at least 2 years' journals. Issues can be readily inserted and removed. £4.50
10. Plastic Transfer: These are 2inch (50mm) diameter plastic badges with adhesive backing. Two designs are available - Tandem Club logo and Tandem Club 25 year jubilee. £0.40each
11. Metal Badge: These are 1 inch (25mm) metal brooch badges with a pin fixing for lapel or jumper. £2.25
12. Cloth Badge: These 3.5inch (87mm) circular badges are ideal for sewing or glueing to panniers, bags and jackets. £3.00
13. Handbook Cover: This is a durable pocket size ring binder, which will allow easy updating of the useful information, rules, list of available spares etc. contained in the loose-leaf format of the handbook. £2.50
14. 800ml Water Bottle:

800 ml £2.50
15. Circular Car Sticker: These 3.5inch (87mm) circular badges are an identical design to the cloth badges. Intended for attaching to the inside of car windscreens. £0.50
16. Long Car Sticker: Show your support for the Tandem Club with these attractive blue and yellow stickers £0.75
17. Pennants: £0.50
18. Cartoon Book by Johnny Helms: Containing many tandem related cartoons. £2.50
19. Envelope Re-use Labels: Packs of 100 advertising the Tandem Club. £2.50

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